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ssusca's Avatar ssusca 07:58 AM 05-08-2014
Looking for suggestions on a projector. I am finally considering upgrading from my old IN72 to a 1080 projector. Since I am upgrading I would also like 3D capability, although I realize that I probably won’t use it that often. I was considering the W1070, but unfortunately I have a rather long throw distance, about 14.5 feet, and I am projecting onto a 100 inch screen. I can’t get a bigger screen because its mounted in the ceiling. The projector is ceiling mounted and I can probably move the mount closer to the screen, but then it would also be closer to the middle of my living room. I kind of like the projector in the back of the room where its somewhat hidden. I also have a ceiling mounted light in the middle of the room which would be obstructed by a projector nearby.

So, I’m looking for a long throw 1080 3D projector under $1,000. Right now I can only find the IN8606 that would meet my needs. I’ve read through the thread on this projector but I was wondering if anybody else has any real world experience with this model, or if there are any suggestions for other models that meet my requirements.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

walterappleby's Avatar walterappleby 08:13 AM 05-08-2014
ssusca's Avatar ssusca 08:40 AM 05-08-2014
Yeah I saw that. I forgot about the Vivitek. Any opinions on that one as opposed to the IN8606?

I may also consider moving the mount forward a little (like 18"). That brings the Optoma HD25 into play. What do people think about this compared to the W1070? The reason I'm asking is that everyone seems to be raving about the 1070,but that is really not an option for me, so I want one that gets similar reviews but meets my requirements.
Ftoast's Avatar Ftoast 09:52 AM 05-08-2014
The hd25 (NOT hd25e nor hd25lv) is very similar to the w1070. The 25e/25lv switched to lower power lamps and business class RGBCYM colorwheels and don't put out as much color brightness and lack the overall accuracy of the original hd25 and w1070.
Adult Beverage's Avatar Adult Beverage 10:12 AM 05-08-2014
You say the screen is mounted in the ceiling and can't be moved. How far from the ceiling is the top of the screen? Some PJ's have offsets that may take them out of consideration. I believe the Optoma HD25e has to be 9" above the screen to work without angling and using keystone.
ssusca's Avatar ssusca 12:05 PM 05-08-2014
The screen is motorized and I can set how far it drops when activated. My current setup has a 14" +/- offset from the center of the lens to the top of the image. I can get away with as little as a 6 inch offset before I would need to use a drop on the ceiling mount prevent the image from being obstructed by the light that is mounted to the ceiling in the center of the room.
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