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07-25-2014 | Posts: 5
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I am trying to find the best projector for my (small) church to use during services and also to host neighborhood outdoor movie nights.

When we discussed budget, I told them $700 or so for the projector, because I had in mind the fact that the Benq W1070 or the HD25/HD131x or the Epson 2000 would work well enough in both situations. Previously we were using an Infocus X2 for the church service until the bulb died, so obvously our requirements for that part are not huge and any of those projectors would be a vast improvement over that.

With my default choices in mind, I began to look at other possibilities, thinking that in this case: 1)the brighter the better and 2) I would like to wow them with the outdoor movie(which we had never done before) so I would like to stick with 1080p.

Two seemingly brighter, if not better, choices I found were the Infocus IN3138HD and the Benq SH910. I am wondering if the extra lumens would make a noticeable difference, if the picture or text quality would be better or worse than the default choices, and if anyone has a feel for whether the difference would be worth the extra money.

B&H photo currently has the SH910 priced at $1100 ( a few hundred dollars less than any where else i could find for either of the 2 higher lumen projectors).

Does anyone have a recommendation from either the default or the brighter choices or a totally different choice I should be considering.

I probably will be donating, out of my own pocket, any price difference over the $700 figure we had originally voted on, so I would like to know that it would be worth it. Thanks for any help you can give me with this.
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So does this mean that no one knows anything about the SH910 or that it was a silly question?
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It doesn't look like it's very popular or it is still pretty new. The specs don't look too bad but the things I noticed are that the lamp life is a bit short and there is no 3-d (if that's important to you) It will also consume a little more power but not too much. I can only comment on the Optoma 131xe that I own and I am totally happy with it so far.
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Thanks for the reply. I too personally own the Optomo 131xe. After looking around this forum, my default choice for the church has become the Benq W1070 instead (and I am beginning to wish I had purchased that one for myelf). But I came across the SH910 and am still wondering if the extra lumens will be worth the extra money and if there will be a compromise on the video quality. I don't believe that 3D will ever be utilized at the church.
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the Benq sh910 is really designed for business use where maximum brightness is needed. In a church environment it should perform great. The weaker contrast vs. the 1070 is irrelevant in this type of setting. What matters here is lumen output. The sh910 is superb in this regard. You probably wont use the lamp anywhere near as much as the average home user, so lamp life should be fairly long.
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Lamp life ratings mean nothing, ignore them completely. A lamp rated at 5000 hours might be done at 1500, a lamp rated at 2000 hours might last until 8000 hours. It absolutely means nothing. It means less than contrast ratings, and contrast ratings mean almost nothing most of the time.

The sh910 is one of the brightest under $1500. The only two 1080p's that are light canons near $700 that I know of are the Benq mh680 or the Viewsonic pjd7820hd. I am not sure which one puts out the better image (Benq or VS), but the Benq is geared toward business and the Viewsonic toward multi-use or home use, though that doesn't really matter nor does it tell us which one has a better image. Both have comparable lumens, with the Viewsonic being a bit brighter.

To get much brighter than the VS pjd7820hd, you're going to have to step up the budget to something like the Optoma eh500 which can pump out a real world 4000 lumens in a watchable color mode (overall rated at 5000 lumens), but it costs $1500. There is also the eh505, but it is way up there in price.

Personally, I'd probably just buy the Viewsonic if it fits depending on how big your screen will be and how much ambient light (The VS can do over 2500 lumens easily in real-world and is way brighter than the w1070), but you should first ELIMINATE choices by compatibility of installation, see which ones will even project the proper size at the given distance you will be mounting, then go from there.

Another problem with putting these in a church is that they might bother some people with the Rainbow Effect. In that case, you might look at an Epson LCD as another alternative if you are worried about RBE.
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Thanks Ben and Coderguy!

Both the church( all 15 of us at the moment) and I personally have decided that we cannot afford to pay the extra $400 for the extra lumens of the SH910.

So, because of the comments here and other research, I am looking hard at the Viewsonic pjd7820hd/Acer H6510BD (lots of lumens) and the Epson 2030/2000 (No RBE) and the Benq W1070( less lumens, possibly RBE, but apparently best projector overall for the money).

I am leaning a little to the Epson because the brightness seems to be adequate and no RBE worries. Is there ANY difference between the Epson 2030 and the 2000? I know it lists a few extra lumens and contrast, but really? Currently the 2000 is $699 on Amazon and the 2030 is effectively just $50 more at VisualApex after a $100 visa gift card (I think this ends today).

I am always appreciative of any additional thoughts before I pull the trigger.
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I would probably skip the Acer entirely based on reliability (though your luck may vary).
It depends how many hours you are going to put on the thing...

I have had good luck putting ridiculous amount of hours on both Viewsonic and Benqs (as far as how cool they keep the lamp), but if you are going to be running the projector a lot of hours, your lamp longevity is also going to matter.

I haven't had the best of luck with Epson lamps (though admittedly haven't used a very modern Epson that much). If there is any dust in your environment, the Viewsonic will probably outlast the Epsons.

LCD are more problematic for longevity vs. DLP, I have seen DLP's with 10's of thousands of hours on them still look brand new, I've had LCD's with less than 8000 hours show severe degradation.

That said, the Epson 2030 is the safest buy for viewer comfort due to NO RBE, but it is not EVEN CLOSE to as bright as the Viewsonic. The VS can put out over 3000 lumens in actual measured values (was measured at 3200 to 3700).

Whereas the Epson was measured around 2000. Though LCD's have gotten better, the DLP will probably run the lamp cooler IME and make the lamp last slightly longer, while also not losing panel clarity like LCD's do.

The DLP is probably sharper and might last years, whereas the LCD might go dead or get dust in it.
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