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SteveS78 10:34 PM 07-26-2014
Can anyone tell me which 3D glasses will work with this projector? I need to purchase some from Amazon, but I want to be sure I order the correct ones.


kreeturez's Avatar kreeturez 11:16 PM 07-26-2014
The tech employed by the W1070 is 144hz DLP-Link - so glasses supporting this standard should be fine.

Start here:
Benq W1070 144Hz Compatible DLP-LINK 3D Glasses
WeezabuzZ 10:02 AM 07-27-2014
I'd love to hear which brand is the best bang for buck 144hz DLP-Link glasses. Sainsonic seem to be popular and cheap, but I recall reading somewhere that they are quite dim in use. What would you lot recommend - Which glasses are bright, clear with great 3D?
kreeturez's Avatar kreeturez 10:12 AM 07-27-2014
With DLP-Link glasses, you're looking for two things:
  1. Blocking the 'red flash' (the apparent red 'tint' caused by 3D mode); and
  2. Minimizing crosstalk; so that each eye sees the correct image without ghosting from the image intended for the other eye

The EStar-America glasses (see here) are very well received in this regard.

I use Dimensional Optics 3DActive glasses (I bought a 4-pack, here), which are also very good - and well-priced - and hence get my personal recommendation here.

However in my experience, the original BenQ glasses do the slightly better job (available here) - but at a higher cost that makes them not entirely worth it.
SteveS78 12:28 PM 07-27-2014
kreeturez's Avatar kreeturez 12:39 PM 07-27-2014
Originally Posted by SteveS78 View Post

The first thread I linked you to described those - in the very first post.

Here it is:

Originally Posted by kelvink View Post
Both Sainsonic would lose L/R sync once in a while and require re-syncing by pressing the button (an incident that made my daughter nauseous last night). The benq has the best overall image quality.

SteveS78 12:50 PM 07-27-2014
So you would suggest one of the brands linked by people above over the sainsonic ones?
sethsez 05:56 PM 07-27-2014
If you want to go very cheap, the G15-DLP glasses are pretty much the cheapest you can get, and the quality of the 3D is actually very, very good, at least on par with the Estars I have. The downside is that the construction is about as simple as can be so they're not as comfortable... unless you're like me and both wear glasses and have a big head, in which case the arms of the G15s don't use as much pressure as the Estars do. They've also got smaller lenses than most, which might be an issue depending on how close to like to sit. I'm perfectly happy with the G15-DLP, and at around $12 per pair they're pretty much impossible to beat for value. Comfort is a big question mark (some people like them, some hate them) but for the price it's hard to deny that at the very least they're perfect backup pairs or extras to have lying around for company.
akm3's Avatar akm3 08:11 PM 07-27-2014
Any advice for kids size?
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