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buy a new projector now or wait for cedia 2014?

I am in the market to buy my first projector. But with the show upcoming soon. I wonder if I should wait to see what pops up? Like maybe a replacement for the 1070 from benq etc etc. Any thoughts?
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If you go cutting edge, you are going to bleed. In my experience with tech stuff, if you buy the latest and greatest, you usually end up spending way more than you should and you have to suffer firmware and other hiccups that happen on a new device. I'd rather get something proven and true with lots of users to back it up and help you out. I'd rather buy something with a ton of reviews so I know what I am getting into instead of something brand new that has been hyped up by unrealistic expectations.
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Agreed. And, aside from having hundreds/thousands of user data points, buying an awesome PJ that debuted in 2013 will save you money when the new 2014 models start shipping. It's actually the best of both worlds.

I plan to upgrade my PJ to either a Panasonic AE8000 or an Epson 5030 -- right after the 2014 models start shipping and prices on the former two plummet!

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If it's low cost DLP you want, all of the leaks of new projectors coming out show an extra feature or two, but picture quality wise, no major improvements over what's available right now at great prices.

The LCD side (Epson and Panasonic) has been very spare with new projector info so far. It might, or might not, be worth it to wait if you're looking at LCD.

4K projectors still appear to be exclusive to the deep pocketed among us.

I really don't see a need to wait for slightly better projectors at higher prices when you can get something great right now.
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If you're looking in the sub-$1000 bracket, it doesn't make sense to wait.

BenQ have already announced their upcoming successors: the W1070+ and W1080+; neither are a very significant step up from their predecessors (except in price).

Optoma have already revealed two main entries in their upcoming budget lineup - the HD50 (which mainly treads on ground already covered by the W1070+; and is likely to be more expensive); and the HD26 (which mainly treads on ground covered by their existing HD25e/HD131Xe models).

Pushing the budget (much) higher yields Sony's first entry into the sub-$3000 bracket - which is their HW40ES ($2,500). It's just been released, which makes it unlikely they'll offer much else in that bracket come CEDIA.

If your budget stretches to $2000 (and not to the $2500 of the Sony) - then perhaps it makes sense to wait since we've yet to hear from some of the players in that price range.

But broadly speaking, in technology if you spend your time waiting for the next big thing, you'll wait forever.

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I am waiting to see what epson does with their next version of the 5030ub. I'm guessing it will be called the 5040ub. I figured either way if it's worth getting the next model I will. But if its not then maybe I can pick up the 5030 for a cheaper price. For me it's not a big deal because I'm still 6 months maybe from purchasing one either way. But september is very close so if you can hold out for another month or so then it could be worth just seeing what's around the corner.
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