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Projector as Tv

I bought a Sony VPL-40 for my theater room. I also had an LG cf181d that I really like but bought the Sony for 3d. I painted a white screen in my den and set the projector up to use as a tv. Why do more people not do this. 120" screen, plenty bright even with lights on and cheaper than any larger tv. I bet with a typical tv size it would be as bright as a normal tv.
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The extra hours can be a little pricier on lamps and some people have a tendency to turn the TV on and off pretty often instead of leaving it on during 15-30minute breaks, also some places are just too bright or some people don't want to close curtains I'd have to guess.

Personally I'm with you on this one for the most part. Curtains are cheap and easy and most regular television programing is higher APL stuff anyway. Putting a little money aside and getting used to leaving the PJ on in low-power when you walk away for a little isn't a difficult change..and there's always the LED option if it IS.

I'd hazard a guess it's just not for everyone but am likewise surprised it isn't more popular.
A lot of folks (non-fanatics) don't even realize that projectors are every bit as HD as televisions are. Many don't even realize they're digital and able to accept the same signals..they think it's still all film!
I'd bet if more people not only knew how easy it was, BUT THAT IT WAS EVEN AN OPTION, there'd be more folks trying what you're doing.

Glad it's working out for you.
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Easy $25 DIY black (or any color) ALR paint +$40-$50sprayer screen mix smooth/clean and very easy to learn spraying with little/no mess.
Simple $25-40 DIY black/dark-grey ambient-light rejecting screen, grab two things from a local store..mix..roll..done.
Quick <$250 dedicated black-fabric theater room "A store that sells blinds can help your picture more than a store that sells projectors many times." -bud16415
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You can buy a lot of bulbs for the price difference between a nice projectors and a big tv. Especially a tv anywhere near the size of a projector screen.
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Here is what I've observed with co-workers, friends and neighbors. They think it is too much trouble to set up a room and that it is too expensive. Most have been to dedicated home theater rooms and been told it takes thousands to get it right.

For me, the key was to buy a cheap 1080p projector (Epson HC2000) with replacement lamps that run $99. We use ours 4 or 5 hours a day and much more on a weekend. We are approaching 1600 hours on it since November, so if lasts a year, I will feel like I got my money's worth.

Right now the kids (18 and 19) are on one pj watching Oculus on a 169 inch wall/screen. I'm in another room watching Doctor Who on a 92 inch screen with a cheap SVGA pj and the wife is in the family room watching something on the 70 inch TV. (Three of us watched Oculus last week so my wife and I are skipping family movie night this week.)

If either pj dies, I'll just go out and replace it. If the tv dies, the back up 55 inch will be used because I will never have a tv that big again because it is a pain to move and not worth the money compared to a pj. I paid $2100 for the tv about 4 years ago and I could buy 3 Epsons for that price or 6 SVGA pjs.

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i switched to a PJ in 2009. i remember eyeing CL for used ones and settled on an older infocus X2 with a 92" screen and dvi/hdmi cable.......think i paid $200 for the package.

the moment i fired that thing up i was blown away by the picture. all my conceptions of what a projector(and a cheap used one at that) might look like were erased. even for a native 800x600 pj, i fed it a 720p source and the image was awesome. from that point i cared not for normal tvs. i still have a few, for backup and computer monitor purposes but my main viewing and daily tv is done by pj now. since the x2 ive gone through an optoma hd65, then 3 more at incredible deals(for other rooms and relatives) along with a cheap $100 benq xga for bedroom use. my last hd65 blew the bulb a few weeks ago and even though i have ordered a new bulb i felt it was time for something new, so i am now typing this on a benq w1070 and am very happy with it(it is by far the most daylight friendly pj i have owned yet)..

i think most people just find it too mysterious still, even with the abundance of very cheap projectors. the marketing just isnt there. even though most big box stores carry some projectors, most people are really unaware of them. once people find out, and realize their viewing habits and setting could benefit hugely from a projector they make the leap.....but mainstream knowledge/advertizing/marketing just isnt there. i know i have switched at least 6 people i know since i switched, but if i didnt show them they would still be on standard tvs.
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Agreed... for a lot of people, front projection is mistakenly considered either too complicated or too costly.

In practice, it's neither.

From the 'complexity' side, requiring a pitch-black, dedicated or especially-treated room is not even nearly a requirement anymore - and unless there's a ton of ambient light about, most modern home-orientated projectors have sufficient brightness to withstand moderate light considering that nearly 1700 lumens calibrated is now the norm (that's triple the average brightness in the home-segment from two or three years ago!). Sure, treating a room yields very good results: but it doesn't have to be done from the get-go; especially if the majority of viewing is at night.
And yes, the screen and image source are not in the same location as they are with a regular TV, but plug-and-play is still 100% feasible if you have a free reasonably-smooth wall (ideally painted a light-ish color) and somewhere suitable to place the projector.
From the sound side, many projectors in this range now even offer some basic audio options to get you started: and while I universally hate all built-in speakers, a stereo audio output from a projector to decent PC-type speakers does indeed go a long way to delaying the need for a dedicated receiver. Buyers already owning a receiver and speaker system can simply use those as-is.

So while it may be less plug-and-play than a TV, it's certainly still not high-complexity stuff we're dealing with.

From the 'costly' point-of-view, projector prices have plummeted and the number of popular models in this segment (take a look at the thread-view numbers for some of the under-$3000 projectors in this forum!) means there's a good option available for almost any budget. Heck, a middle-of-the-range sub-$1500 TV is now more expensive than some of the solid projection options around here: so projectors are now firmly in TV territory price-wise - and that's not even taking into account the screen-size advantage.

And those worried about lamp replacements? 6000 hour lamp-life ought to translate to at least 2 or even 3 years of TV-replacement type use. And in the case of particularly large screens or ambient-light-prone rooms, some projectors will deliver those 6000 hours using intelligent lamp-dimming (SmartEco-style) that allows for full perceived brightness for that 6000-hour duration.
And if that's still a concern, there're even some nice LED options available now as well.

So I guess I couldn't agree more: replacing a TV (or at least augmenting it) with a projector is almost a no-brainer in many cases: and there's never been a better time for the consumer to do so than now.

BenQ HT2050 Projector; Kodi (on Ubuntu, OpenELEC & S802) via Sony STR-DH540 AVR with Boston Acoustics SoundWare XS SE 5.1 Audio + Jamo 210 Sub. Emby for Mobile Streaming.

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I use a projector for movies and a LCD screen for TV. I think i get the best of both worlds. I like great contrast when watching movies, so my room has to be pitch black. The JvC projector I use to get outstanding contrast just isnt bright enough to give me the high brightness I like when simply watching TV.
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I run a dual projector setup....well did till my W7000 for regular TV, video games and the JVC for movies. But now the JVC does it all, till I get my next projector (maybe HW40??). My theater room is my main living-room.
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My motto: "just use it for everything". When the bulb goes, it's an excuse to buy a new projector
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