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Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

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10-05-2002 | Posts: 4,435
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Thanks to this forum, I have nearly completed my HDTV Home Theater for under $2,700.00. Here's my list:

Panasonic TU-HDS20 - $420.00
NEC LT150 (Dell Deal) - $1725.00
Panasonic RP56 DVD Player - $230.00
Component to RGB cable - $50.00
Wistron Neweb Corp Oval Dish w/Integrated Triple LNB Multi-Switch #AU2 - $154.00

Radio Shack OT Antenna #15-2160 - $22.00
Radio Shack Antenna-Mounted Amp #15-1109 - $60.00
Antenna Mast and misc. hardware/cable - $20.00
RCA Dish Self-Install Kit - $15.00

Total $2,696.00 Shipped :)

I have been enjoying movies with the LT150 and RP56 (and my HTPC) for sometime. I recently purchased a TU-HDS20 from Vanns.com which I immediately had replaced by Panasonic (with all the fixes, March 2002 manufactured date). I purchased the Oval dish (18" x 20") from 18inch.com (this dish package has the three LNB and the Multi-Switch totally integrated - very clean - no combiners, patch cables or Sat-C Kit required).

I decided to simply clamp the Dish on my deck rail (for testing) which took approximately 30 minutes to complete, configured my TU-HDS20 for all three SATs and checked the Signal Meter - 85% for each SAT - Not bad for my first try. By the next morning, my TU-HDS20 had been upgraded to the 8.10 firmware. I didn't know if this would happen since I am not even a DirecTv customer yet (my HU Card is virgin). Later in the day, a friend of mine brought over his HU Card so I could see the DirecTv channels including the HD channels - WOW Needless to say, he wants to know where he can purchase a LT150 for $1,700.00 or less. :)

For the OT Antenna, I clamped the mast to one of my deck's corner 4x4 and I have been enjoying OTA HDTV for a few weeks. In a week or two, I will be installing both the OT Antenna and the dish on my roof.

The LT150 is simply amazing with HDTV (both 720p and 1080i). Watching the PBS 1080i broadcast is a "jaw-dropping" experience. I now keep the TU-HDS20 configured to output 720p to the LT150 (if I remember correctly, I read somewhere on AVSFORUM that more pixels are being used on the LT150 at 720p vs 1080i??). The beauty of the TU-HDS20, it offers several output configurations and one of the few (if not only one??) HDTV receivers that has an option for a 720p output.

What's next? I'm going to purchase a 96"X72" Dalite Model B Video Spectra 1.5 gain white screen and masking material (cost $170.00).

I have a few friends that have spent more than $3000.00 for their rear-projection TV alone and when they come over and see my setup, they are amazed and mad at the same time. :)

Again, I am so thankful to this forum and all who contribute (and especially Grant - I may have never learned about the NEC LT150 without his experiences with his LT150's).

So, this brings me to the Poll: How much have you spent on your HD home theater (not including Audio)?

See the Poll here:
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10-05-2002 | Posts: 1,740
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Great post, thats what I'm looking to do with mt LT150. May I ask where you got that Panasonic TU-HDS20 for that price?

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10-05-2002 | Posts: 4,435
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... but they don't have anymore (you may want to call their 800 number and ask if they will have any coming up in their Clearance area in the future. You can also check for open box units at stores like Tweeters (I have read that people are finding these for around $250, sometimes scratched and without remotes).

You can then contact Panasonic and have them ship you a new unit that has had the fan and audio fix - this is what I did - my original one worked great and had a manufactured date of March 2001 - the unit that Panasonic shipped me was manufactured in March 2002. I was able to do a side-by-side comparison of both units for 30 days.

With the 8.10 firmware upgrade, the TU-HDS20 is a steal and since you have a LT150 too, you should consider only getting a receiver that has an option to output 720p (like the TU-HDS20).

Hope that helps... :)


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10-06-2002 | Posts: 172
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Hi Shawn,

I have an LT-150z and have been contemplating getting a satellite but as yet havent seen HDTV displayed on a pj such as ours. What is the picture quality like compared to a good DVD transfer? I've heard people say that HDTV on the pj is to DVD what DVD is to VCR....would you say the difference is that much? I really love the PQ on good DVD transfers and have a couple of the superbit titles...its hard for me to imagine the picture could be that much better. Please tell me it aint so....my pocketbook is already straining....lol.

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10-07-2002 | Posts: 460
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Seems to me you've spent 90% of the money needed (PJ) but are only getting maybe 50% of the benefit without having HDTV.

Spend the $200-$400 on an open-box HD receiver, and just start getting the OTA signals with a small antenna. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to spring for the extra for sat stuff. In the meantime, though, you'll start getting sweet pictures at least from the ABC and PBS affiliates in Baton Rouge.
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