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I have an old Mitsubishi HC1600 that recently I've started noticing a lot of motion blur. I used to notice it a lot during the dark scenes, but I'm starting to notice it during the bright scenes to.

The projector has had the orginal bulb in it for about 4 years, so I replaced the bulb. That doesn't look to have solved the issue. Any ideas? Is this a result of a color wheel going bad?
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Neither the lamp or color wheel will cause motion blur. What source are you using ? Cable and Sat are getting more and more compressed and causing poorer picture quality all the time. Streaming is another disaster so don't expect much from online sources. If your seeing this on BR than maybe you have another problem.
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check with a DVD or Bluray and see if you have the same issue. Also if you have a flat panel you can put the same source on look close and you may see the same thing. Showtime and Max and even HBO sometimes, have god awful over compress crap on-demand, reminds me of standard deff streaming and I am paying for HD!.. I have seen elevated black levels, compress smoke.. as I call it.. looks like pixelated haze over the image, very noticeable in dark scenes.. If you look close at the flat screen, it's there too..
Hope that is the case and not a failing projector.

Now if you are talking about the jerky movement, that can also be in the source.. watched a car commercial the other night, either honda or toyota and the person walking into the dealer looked great but the background strobed past.... see it all the time using the Fios box.. have turned on the TV more than once to verify it is NOT the projector...
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I've seen the motion blur in BluRays. Watching Live Die Repeat I first started noticing it pretty bad in the all night scenes. Then I watched Maze Runner today on BluRay and I noticed motion blur throughout the entire movie.

I can't remember seeing it watching tv, however when I watch CBS and it goes to commercial there's a pulsing in the color, however once the commercial is done and it goes back to programming everything is fine. I haven't seen this behavior on other channels. I'll try streaming on my Roku and validate that source. It's odd that this would start to happen now. Nothing in my setup has changed for quite some time.
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you may want to do some basic trouble shooting.. plug the BRP directly into the projector to eliminate everything else in the chain.. Then same with the Roku and see if you get the same results as you do how it is hooked up now. If it is the same, take the BRP and plug it into a TV with the same shorter cable you used with the projector.
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