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vkottas's Avatar vkottas 12:06 PM 10-17-2003
anyone have a Sony HS10 set up in Manhattan that I could see?

I will bring the beverages of choice.

I am itching to order an HS20 but at least want to check out the HS10 and see that it's sufficiently good. from what I've heard picture quality should be substantially improved; only thing hard to verify is that it's quieter enough not to be annoying.

I saw the HS10 at the Sony store and it didn't look good at all, but the setup was somewhat lousy (bright lighting, huge image, probably not calibrated very well).


vkottas's Avatar vkottas 12:08 PM 10-17-2003
sorry - not being clear. the HS20 should be substantially improved from the HS10. but you know what I meant.


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