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Big Picture's Avatar Big Picture 03:10 PM 12-01-2003
I have had a Sony 10HT LCD projector and Direct TV with a 120" diagonal 16:9 screen over the last three years. It seems to me that the quality of Direct Tv's standard definition (SD)signal has significantly gone downhill, it is probably compressesd more than it used to be. I am using an RCA DTC-100 Direct TV receiver. I am using a S-video input from Direct TV for SD and component for HDTV (no complaints wiith HDTV). What can be done to get a better SD Direct TV signal to the projector?

Thank you.

HorrorScope's Avatar HorrorScope 03:18 PM 12-01-2003
Them and Dish keep compressing and compressing. I was watching some crap last night and it looked like a PC Game cutscene. It was all pixels and terrible blacks on a 25" Sony Flat Screen, SDTV. Now were in a war for bandwidth. Some of us are going for better PQ and they just want to whore more stations. Were going to lose this one.
Big Picture's Avatar Big Picture 03:59 PM 12-01-2003
What's the take on cable these days? Brighthouse Network is in my area and really touting their digital service. Are any cable digital services producing better quality SDTV signals than Direct Tv?
icatcher's Avatar icatcher 07:08 PM 12-01-2003
I watch dtv on my x1 thrua sony receiver thru the svideo.
I noticed a considerable improvement by upgading my svideo cable.
I bought it from Great cable and great prices.
Note though that dtv's signals vary greatly from bad to good.
PPV looks great while sunday ticket looks barely watchable due to the compression.
Akos's Avatar Akos 09:08 PM 12-01-2003
Bell Express Vu did the same crap up north. They used to advertised their 'Super Definition' broadcasting standards, and how they beat the snot out of Local Cable Co's... and they did... then they started adding crappy channel after crappy channel, and now it's like I might as well be watching streaming internet video over broadband...

But to answer the original question, the only way to make a compressed satellite signal look better is to shrink your screen size. The pixelation due to over compression is too much to simply 'defocus' away, which is what I used to do in the good ol' days :) . With the Bell HD receiver, if viewing SD channels over the Component output, the video is already significantly smaller than the screen, does the RCA DTC-100 have a similar feature that you could try?
jcase's Avatar jcase 07:38 AM 12-02-2003
What about using a scaler? maybe dscaler on the HTPC?
Big Picture's Avatar Big Picture 08:14 AM 12-02-2003

I have a HTPC and dscaler, it provides only slight improvement at 720p.
Akos's Avatar Akos 08:58 AM 12-02-2003
The real problem is that the quality of the signal coming into the scaler is crap to begin with... either you have to make the image really blurry to get rid of the blockiness, or make it really small. Both options suck. The only way we'll get better satellite quality, is if the providors stop over-compressing their streams.
jake14mw's Avatar jake14mw 10:02 AM 12-02-2003
I share the same problem. I have an X1 with both a DTC100 and a DTivo. I just got the whole thing set up. I was so exited about my projector and wanted to show it off to my friends by having people over for football this Sunday. The problem is that the standard definition signal is so bad that I really don't want people to see it on my projector. Any of the TVs I have look much better.

To me, the line with DirecTV is 32". Any TVs smaller than 32" look very good. Most channels look fantastic. Better than cable. My 32" in the living room looks very good most of the time. Football is generally not too good though. For TVs over 32", I can't recomend DirecTV. A friend of mine just got DirecTV. I went over to his house just before his installation appointment to help him figure out where he could put his dish. When I saw the analog cable picture quality on his 55" RPTV, I was surprised at how good it was. I also knew that the DirecTV picture quality wouldn't be as good.

Sure enough, after his installation, I called him to ask him how it went. He said it went well, and his smaller TVs look great, but the RPTV was "blurry". I used to be a big advocate of DirecTV, but now that many people have such large TVs, I can no longer recommend them.

We can only hope that the next spotbeam satellite that DirecTV launches next year allows them to lower the compression levels.

Hi Def looks great. I have not seen the Fox Enhanced Definition widescreen yet. I am hoping that it is a big improvement over the standard DirecTV signal. Can anyone comment on the picture quality of Fox Widescreen?
Akos's Avatar Akos 10:49 AM 12-02-2003
Fox Widescreen is just a little worse than a standard DVD, IMO. :)

Could the amount of forward error correction 5/4 on Dish network, and only 3/4 on DirecTV have anything to do with the lack of quality? Or is Dish network just as bad for compression?
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