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westgate's Avatar westgate 12:43 PM 06-24-2010
Originally Posted by bmel View Post

I'm still enjoying my 500u but I'm getting itchy for a brighter, 1080p picture. I'd like to go mobile the the 500u and upgrade. What do you like in the up to $2500 range? The pj is ceiling mounted 14' with a 106 inch screen.


i'm still enjoying my ptl500 also. with only ~900 hours on it in 6 years (july 8, '04) it's still bright enough to hurt my eyes on bright scenes.

re new pjs in ~$2500 range (or any other price range), i haven't kept track of very many new pjs.

altho, mitsubishi pjs seem to be pretty popular and reliable. i may go with one of their 1080p jobs eventually.

in the meantime, i'm quite happy with the 500.
i also watch some movies on my LCD flat panel so it helps keep pj lamp hours down.
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westgate's Avatar westgate 05:31 AM 07-24-2010
ahh, the 'ol 500 just keeps crankin' out the videos (blu-rays) and looking good!
vic1970's Avatar vic1970 09:52 PM 09-07-2010
Eventually got my new lamp for my 500 ( after 3042 hrs on 1st lamp ) , and its nice and bright again !! BLuray movies Looking great with my PS3 !!!

we'll see if and when the itch starts ....
westgate's Avatar westgate 09:07 AM 09-08-2010
Originally Posted by vic1970 View Post

Eventually got my new lamp for my 500 ( after 3042 hrs on 1st lamp ) , and its nice and bright again !! BLuray movies Looking great with my PS3 !!!

we'll see if and when the itch starts ....

Congrats on new lamp! your 500 is just barely broken in, good for many more years.

i'm gonna try my 500 in an outdoor setting this weekend. some neighbors here have been doing an outdoor (kid-friendly) movie every other saturday night using a sanyo 4x3 business pj with a w'mart dvd player with only a composite cable video connection. that image onto a 10' screen. YUCK!

once i got wind of this 'party' i offered to use my 500 with one of my bdps for this weekend. most folks here haven't seen hi def anything, much less blu-ray.
i'd like to go with a kid-friendly sci-fi movie, maybe the new star trek, independence day, something like those...

should make for an interesting night.
westgate's Avatar westgate 08:55 PM 09-12-2010
awright! last night we brought the 500 outdoors, set it up with my sylvania bdp, an old 8' x 6' sheet duct-taped to the side of the house, and let 'er rip.
looked pretty good.

about 35 folks, mostly kids, showed up. one mom brought her microwave oven outside with us and made popcorn for all!

the evening was deemed a success even tho it got cold towards the end.
several folks remarked how much better an image the pan ptl500 (>dvi to hdmi adapter cable >bdp) put out compared to the sanyo 4x3 pj with composite video cable they'd been using.

oh, the movie was the 'new' 'star trek', blu-ray.

outdoor home theater is the way to go!
but as it's getting cold here in no. new england, we gots to wait til next spring/summer to do it again.

vic1970's Avatar vic1970 12:32 PM 10-03-2010
minor issue with my 500 ... since i changed the lamp .. I've noticed an intermittent horizontal line( video noise) that starts at the bottom of the screen and moves slowly upwards ! its annoying but the picture stays the same quality which is good ....
It also does not matter what the input is ..BLu ray , DVD , Sattelite,GAme .. same issue
I've checked all cables and even tried another receiver .. same problem

over the last week though the line had become more persistent ... last night i changed to high power mode and it seems to have disappeared ...... I;ve generally alway run on normal power before ..

I guess I could just stay on high power ... though would like to figure it out too ..
Anyway .. just wondering if anyone had any idea what might be the issue .???
westgate's Avatar westgate 03:09 PM 02-10-2011
still running my 500, looks as good as ever, imo.
just over 1k hours in 6+(!) years.

hard to justify spending another grand or two for a new one when this one looks as good as it does. 'specially with blu-ray.

vic1970, how're you making out with your 500?
bimmerboy750's Avatar bimmerboy750 05:27 PM 02-10-2011
Last month, I mounted my 300 on the wall vertically behind and just below the headboard of our bed. It's projecting about a 30" diag on the ceiling almost straight up. I ran component and audio rg-6 cables and I'm using the built-in speaker. The problem I have is the 300 doesn't have sleep timer on it.
DrewB's Avatar DrewB 05:28 PM 02-10-2011
Still enjoying my 300 that i purchased way back in '02 and personally, I think it kicks butt with blu-ray. No dust blobs, glitches, etc. I tell ya, they don't make 'em like they used to. I have about 1800 hours or so on mine.
KLAATUWI's Avatar KLAATUWI 09:32 PM 02-11-2011
yOU Guys still here! I remember when I posted this. Btw, Yes, Still running mine. I thought I would buy a new one When I move.
westgate's Avatar westgate 12:31 PM 07-04-2011
recently moved to a veterans home (read 'nursing home')(i'm only 59! with C.O.P.D.) and haven't used my ptl500 in over four months.

fired it up last night here at the home with the sylvania bdp, looked good on screen; working on a small compact 2.0 sound system for use here at the 'home'. workable system should be up and running by tonight.

let there be movies in my (and others) lives once again!
westgate's Avatar westgate 04:34 PM 07-06-2011
last night i fired up the 500, sylvania bdp, and cheapo 2.0 sound system and showed 'Island_in_the_Sky', c '1953, b&w, 4:3, w very young looking john wayne, james arness, etc....

had an audience of 3 others which added a bit to the fun.

it'd been at least four months since i watched a movie via the pj, etc.
much more fun this way!
westgate's Avatar westgate 12:49 PM 07-16-2011
running my 500 mostly fri and sat nights for me and my fellow vets here at the 'home'.
most of them retire by 7pm so there's not a big crowd up when it gets dark enuff to run the pj (~8:30 pm).
may try another room that has some sort of light control, etc so i can start movies around 6/7pm.
westgate's Avatar westgate 11:41 AM 09-03-2011
fired up ptl500 last pm to watch the blu-ray version of 'where eagles dare'.
looked quite a lot better than the dvd which i last viewed about 4 years ago.
westgate's Avatar westgate 06:59 PM 02-11-2012
been using my 500 2 or 3 nights per week here at the vets home.
still works fine, still bright enough to make me squint on bright scenes.

loving it!
westgate's Avatar westgate 11:26 AM 02-13-2012
just bought two new hdmi to dvi cables (3' and 6') from for the pj as the ~7 yr old original one must have a break in it as it gives a huge green image if bent a certain way.
new ones seem to work ok.
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