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KLAATUWI's Avatar KLAATUWI 10:58 AM 05-11-2005
I still have my 300, but was curious who still has a 500? and if not why?

bmel's Avatar bmel 12:00 PM 05-11-2005
I have the 500. My first pj. Got it a few months ago on sale, excellent price. I really enjoy it. vb is my only complaint, but it's tolerable.

CT_Wiebe's Avatar CT_Wiebe 12:51 PM 05-11-2005
I still have my L300 which I bought new in Feb. 2003. I have 800+ hours, low power, on the lamp with no problems. I'm currently projecting on a 106", diagonal, Da-Lite Hi-Power screen. I don't see any SDE at 1.4 x screen width. Minor VB shows up only very rarely, like the Star Wars IV, Tatoine desert sequence (it's supposedly on the original film - due to the desert heat).

I'm running in the Cinema 2 mode with a slight reduction in Contrast, Brightness, and Sharpness settings after calibration with AVIA (and double checked with DVE). All other settings are factory default. I haven't checked the gray scale performance, but the PQ is excellent as set (good facial colors, etc.). It even does a good job on D* SD TV shows (VGA/RGB connection - Panny DVD-RP91 is connected via Component cables).

I'm planning on upgrading to a 1280 x 720 PJ that has a HDCP compatible, HDMI input, for future proofing, plus better CR. I've seen (in-home) demos of both the AE500 and the AE700. While both throw a very good picture, but neither one has less VB than my L300. The AE700 is much better than the AE500, in this regard. Consequently, I'm still looking.

My L300 is my 3rd PJ since the late '70s and was bought, sight unseen. My first PJ was a CRT (Kloss Model One) and my second was a (around 1985) Sharp LCD (640 x 480 - for $7000, ouch), so I was familiar with PJs.
the_Seeker's Avatar the_Seeker 04:06 PM 05-11-2005
I still have my 300, bought fall 03 and I have very little hours on it. I ended up not using it as much as I hoped, but each time I do use it I still really enjoy it. I project on to a BO DIY 106 diagonal screen. I need a smaller screen so I'm thinking about building the CRMA/MM Superplex screen in a 80 size but I need to do more research before I decide if I can get all the necessary parts. I did see VB once with my 300 and it was a very bright scene from LOTR TTT and I got very worried, but I haven't noticed it since. The only thing I've done to it is used AVIA, no filters or mods. Add to the list another happy Panasonic PT-L300U user
EricD's Avatar EricD 04:23 PM 05-11-2005

l300u for me too. Had it for 2+ years and still going strong.
Robert Clark's Avatar Robert Clark 04:46 PM 05-11-2005
I still have my AE500.

The AE700 uses the same epson panel, and it also sounds like the newer version of the smoothscreen actually reduces sharpness from reports I've read here, so I feel no need to upgrade yet. I built a larger m2500 screen and switched to high lamp mode, really enjoying the snappy picture.

Pluses: excellent resolution, outstanding HD picture, quiet (in low lamp mode) small, long bulb life. Plug and play.
Minuses: VB, fair/poor black levels, short throw (compared to the versatility of the AE700). Ringing/edge enhancement artifact when fed 480p over component, needs component upscaling DVD player (like the Zenith 318).

I keep getting tempted by CRT's for black levels, but I've never had a CRT that could resolve detail like this baby does (yeah, I'm sure 9"ers do).
Terpsfan's Avatar Terpsfan 05:06 PM 05-11-2005
ditto the ditto..... PT-L300U, bought May 2003; about 1000 hrs on the original bulb and going strong on a 106" diagonal Carada Classic Cinema White screen. Seating is about 1.5x screen width back and even after 2 years we still have the "wow" factor going! I bought a 3 year extended warranty on top of Panasonic's 1 year, so that stretches out to 2007 and so I'm standing pat 'til then!
Midlife Crisis's Avatar Midlife Crisis 05:45 PM 05-11-2005
Gee-wiz don't you people ever use your projectors. I ordered my L300 in February of 03 and use it daily. I have 3800 hours on the original bulb. I clean the filter every time I vacuum the theater use Low light High fan; yes it is getting a bit dim these days but not bad. Took projector off the ceiling at 3500 hours and blew it out real well. Can't say enough about this system. My first projector and it will not be the last. I am only now starting to be tempted by the newer higher resolution models.
KLAATUWI's Avatar KLAATUWI 06:55 PM 05-11-2005
I have a theory that when a company first introduces a product (e/e), that company puts out the best thing they have and then, after time tries to make it cheaper to make, but with adding extras, they can keep the price the same, but quality of the output goes down.
Sorry for being long winded, but basically I'd like to ask; Does the pt l300 still kick but? After reading the responses I'd have to say yes.
Anyone in the market for a very slightly uses 500?
Mark Nikolaus's Avatar Mark Nikolaus 07:17 PM 05-11-2005
Well I happen to have my AE500 on ebay now.
It is a great pj and is great with HD and with my bravo dvd via DVI.

Iam looking at a H77 optima - it will throw an image from a much greater
distance than the 500. (new media room)

I have 495 hours , mainly on low lamp mode.

I have been using a silverstar 103" screen from about 12 ft away.
KLAATUWI's Avatar KLAATUWI 07:47 PM 05-11-2005
Mark Nikolaus, you may have misunderstood,
I would also like to get rid of one too!
ellisr63's Avatar ellisr63 07:52 PM 05-11-2005
I still have my LT500u (bought it about a year ago) and I plan on keeping it for at least another year.
Cipro's Avatar Cipro 06:04 AM 05-12-2005
PT L300u - 2500 Hours, original lamp. Still gets the wow factor for me.

Watched some UFC fighting match on INHD last night....still looks awesome.

I have several large dust blobs, but you can only see them on a black I just tolerate them.

I too am tempted by some of the new PJ's gonna continue to wait, as I have a spare bulb and this PJ should keep me going for at least 12 months

secretagent86's Avatar secretagent86 05:54 PM 05-14-2005
I concur.

Been using my PT-300U for about 18 months and just love it. It is what it was...A very good low price LCD FP that's extremely quiet.

I probaly won't buy a new projector till I get a new house.

replayreb's Avatar replayreb 08:23 PM 05-14-2005
I've had the 300u for 13 months and I must say I'm a little disappointed that the projector is just so good that I just can't seem to get the upgrade bug. I thought by now I'd be chomping at the bit to buy another machine but this little gem still amazes me with it's HD picture and how quiet it is. A must in my room as my family sits right underneath it and we never notice the machine itself...only it's beautiful picture. I have 978 hours on it and I bought a replacement bulb with it so I'll be using it for a long time to come...or whenever the sub-$3000 1080p's come out.

scotty144's Avatar scotty144 12:23 PM 05-15-2005
I still have my AE300...actually I am on my second as my first one was stolen. I bought it sight unseen from recommendations on this forum, particularly that of Darinp and was purchased 'over seas' before it was available here in NA.

I project onto a rather large Dalite High Power (133") using the Bulb on the high setting (1700 hrs).

I picked up a FL-D filter a few months ago which really helped out correcting the colors and in my opinion improving it's CR. An added benefit was to lessen the amount of VB I can see.

Last month I bought a LG (Zenith) up-converting player...1080i over component......A great addition for this even bests my HTPC. I definitely think the component input is superior to the VGA input on this machine.

As for upgrading...I was tempted to get the 700 but after seeing 4 of them in action I was not impressed enough to get rid of my beloved 300....Maybe next year.
SillieBazzillie's Avatar SillieBazzillie 06:14 PM 05-15-2005
Hey all!! I have about 2k hours on 300u (last 500 or so on high lamp) purchased around May 2003. The only upgrade I'll be doing anytime soon is a new lamp. HD and upconverted DVD (Zenith 318) are awesome, but I think the lamp is dimming a bit (hence the desire for a new bulb). I don't feel a need to upgrade until 1080 comes down in price. I couldn't be happier with the projector.

Scotty, where did you get your filter, and what size is it? I assume it's some type of camera filter? What are your settings with the filter in place and is your screen high power?


p.s. Supp Terpsfan (you hear about Gilchrest?)
scotty144's Avatar scotty144 07:13 PM 05-15-2005
I am using a Tiffen 52mm FL-D filter that I picked up at a local camera shop for about $40 CDN. I am using a High Power screen (133") and I have attached my settings via screenshot.
scotty144's Avatar scotty144 07:14 PM 05-15-2005
scotty144's Avatar scotty144 07:15 PM 05-15-2005
KLAATUWI's Avatar KLAATUWI 12:22 AM 05-16-2005
KLAATUWI's Avatar KLAATUWI 12:50 AM 05-16-2005
Btw, at one time the cheapest way of getting a replacement bulb was throught the panny website. I've just tried to do a search for the bulb and nothing came up. I hope to hell they still have them. I went to another website that quoted well over what I remember being on the panny site. Is the price actually going up because the pt l300 is no longer being made or, am I just going into a panic for nothing?
GutterPoet's Avatar GutterPoet 04:04 AM 05-16-2005
Still getting great service from my PT-L300U. I ordered 2 new lamps from the Panasonic website just a few months ago as I was approaching 3000 hours. The lamp was still running fine other than being a little dim and taking a little longer to come up to full intensity. I think the lamps were $237.00 each? Like I say this was only a few months ago. I smoke - HORRORS! and ok... the house is pretty dusty too! But, I never even got a single dust blob until after changing out the lamp. A few shots from a can of air fixed that right up. Everyone who has watched it has loved it and I'm still loving it. I just shoot on a nicotine-white wall from an rp91 or denon 1600 over component and it does a great job. Really need to get a new coat of paint on that wall! Hopefully with a new lamp and a spare it'll keep doing just that for a while! At least until much higher resoloutions come down quite a bit!
GutterPoet's Avatar GutterPoet 04:14 AM 05-16-2005
Just checked @
and the lamps (Part# ET-LAE100) are still showing. If you put PT-L300U in the search by Model the lamps will be in the upper box listed under accessories.
They are listed at around $255.00 now.
Thomas Willard's Avatar Thomas Willard 10:31 AM 05-16-2005
Today is the second anniversary of installing my 300U. Now have over 800 hours on the bulb (low power) and still looks great. On some scenes and the red screen in service mode, a slight band of orange at the top (ceiling mount) of the picture. Have cleaned the inside of the projector twice, the first time being to remove a large green dust blob. I project a 92" diagonal image on a Da Lite matte white pull down model B screen.

Does a great job on DVD's and also on OTA high def TV in spite of its 540 lines of resolution. See no immediate need to upgrade. May think about it when the 1080 models come out. Also use the SD (Secure Digital) memory card input (the 500 and 700 don't have this option) and can display jpeg files right from the projector.

Glad to hear so many are getting thousands of hours on their bulbs. Hope mine lasts as long. I usually run it for at least two hours a session to limit the number of turn on cycles.

Feed it with a component signal from both the ATSC tuner and the Denon 2200 DVD player switched through the Denon 2803 AV receiver.
Terpsfan's Avatar Terpsfan 05:17 PM 05-16-2005
This site has lamps as well...
ET-LAE100 Original Panasonic Panasonic Lamp
For Models:
Terpsfan's Avatar Terpsfan 05:22 PM 05-16-2005

Originally posted by SillieBazzillie
HD and upconverted DVD (Zenith 318) are awesome

p.s. Supp Terpsfan (you hear about Gilchrest?)

Hey there Sillie.... been awhile. I am going to look into the Zenith or another upconverting DVD player. I've been using a Panasonic RP62 which is great (cost me $40 off Ebay), but I'm thinking I can squeeze some extra quality out of an upconverting player.

Glad to hear you're still enjoying your 300. Comcast HD is just awesome and the Orioles are looking great!!

Yup, heard about Gilchrest - good riddance...err good luck I mean
SillieBazzillie's Avatar SillieBazzillie 07:12 PM 05-16-2005
Orioles on Comcast HD might be the best HD I've ever seen.

After I get my new lamp I'll try to post some before and after pics.

ac388's Avatar ac388 08:43 PM 05-16-2005
Had my AE500 for about a year n still running strong after 400 hours on high mode. Will wait for the new D5 panel to release, to see if the VB has been resolved. Or else, I will switch to DLP. However, I did demo a Sharp Z2000 in my house recently. It was much brighter n sharper than AE500, but surprising more video noises too, which I cannot accept.
price3's Avatar price3 11:36 AM 05-17-2005
I still have and love my 300U. No desire to upgrade until HD2+ units are less than 2k. Im actually more interested in getting a plasma currently.
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