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Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

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02-09-2011 | Posts: 692
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Glad someone revived this thread.

After nearly 5 years with my venerable HD72, I am almost nearly on the verge of beginning to think about, maybe, possibly replacing it with a 1080p DLP (I'm typing this at work... my projector doesn't know anything about this.)

Have any of the rest of you owners, or former owners, done the same? And, if so, did you make a choice that has satisfied you as much as your HD72?

I'm wondering specifically about things like: Fan dBs, lumens, contrast. For me the HD72, while it has been a really great projector, was really pushing at the lower boundaries of what I can live with. i.e., I wouldn't want any noise, I wouldn't want any brighness, and I want at least the same black levels and contrast that I'm currently experiencing.

What choices have some of you made, and are you happy with them?


- s.west

p.s. Do you think I should start a new thread? Or has someone already done it and I missed it?
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02-10-2011 | Posts: 237
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I'm still plugging along with the HD72 and I have the extra bulb that came with it when I bought it. I am interested in what others have upgraded to but after thinking about it the 72 is still working great. I don't notice the fan noise though and mine is still very bright, black levels are just OK but contrast is nice. Tom had tuned my PJ when I bought it and it still looks great.
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02-18-2011 | Posts: 54
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I am in the same boat here. Had mine almost 5 yrs now. On last bulb so I am good for another 7 - 10 mos. Just curious what others are going to.
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02-18-2011 | Posts: 843
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I have two HD72's that have given me great service since 2006. The Mitsubishi HC4000 is a great 1080P replacement for the Optoma. My son has one and it rocks for about half the price I paid for the HD72 in '06. The upgrade is subtle, as the HD72 is still a great unit.
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02-23-2011 | Posts: 716
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We moved to a rental where using the HD72 wasn't practical, so I sold it on ebay. I hope the new owner likes it. It was a great PJ once I had the lamp driver replaced. The bulb that was in it at almost 3100 hours. Still worked, but once in a while it would go black and need a hard power cycle / cool off before it would work again.

Got a Panny 50gt25 plasma incoming as our new HT TV. Hope it treats us as well as the Optoma did.

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