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Notslar's Avatar Notslar 02:30 PM 04-19-2012
Hello Sheridan1945,
I was going to try the fix for the light tube for the 4805 Screen Play. My question is that as recently as last year you were still selling new ones. In case I really screw this up, and the aluminum flashing idea with aluminum foil doesn't work, do you still have these for sale?

I saw one on ebay, but I'd rather buy through you since you have spent so much time working on this great tutorial.


Sheridan1952's Avatar Sheridan1952 02:46 PM 04-19-2012
I can't take credit for those tutorials. Other members spent the time to document and post all that information.

As for the light tunnel, my supplier currently has 1 in stock. There may be more available by special order. The cost looks to be about $65 plus shipping.

I saw the ones on Ebay. If you do go that route, read carefully. Some of those are coming from China.
Notslar's Avatar Notslar 07:05 PM 04-19-2012
Ok, well thanks for the contribution to everyone. Did the repair today. Took about 2 hours 20 minutes. Have to move SLOW!! Like a surgeon.

Some of the description is missing photos. But, it's pretty easy to tell which screws need to be removed if you just pay attention to what step you are at. Like, it says removed the top of the casing, but doesn't tell you to remove the screws. They are below the unit.

Keeping the screws separate helps to remember where they go. But they are of very specific size, and won't fit any other holes but where they need to go pretty much anyway.

Magnetized precision screw drivers would have been very nice for the two screws I dropped and then had to play "operation" with the tweezers to get out from the depths of the circuitry, heat sink, etc.

My tube was in two pieces of two sides each. Really look at the picture somebody posted showing how they are offset. It's hard to understand without the picture, but it's important. Join the forum to see the picture.

Another thing that happened to me when reassembling, the plastic casing that fits in the upper shell casing for the unit which covers the remote control eye fell out while I was vacuuming dirt out of the grill, and I had to search for it. So, watch that. It's just a circular dark piece of plastic on the front grill of the unit when looked at from the outside.

Be sure to tighten all screws down evenly, like you would when replacing lug nuts.

I used the toothpick method and krazy glue. Just a small bead on the toothpick and then dabbed along the edge works well. I got a little glue that went along the outside of the mirror, but didn't affect the image when I fired it up.

GREAT thread. Finally moving back into a house that has space for me to set this baby up after 5 years of disuse. Part of that was space, most of it was the annoying stripe. We close on the house in 30 days, dreaming of my movie room, finally getting to see this PJ work like it is supposed to throwing it's full image!!!

Thanks again, and if you are thinking about trying this and you are going to throw your projector away anyway, don't be afraid to give this a try.
Jack Small's Avatar Jack Small 04:17 AM 07-16-2013
I was able to fix my light tunnel on the x-2. When I took it apart the tunnel mirrors were apart so all four sections had to be glued together. I have big hands so this was not easy to align and super glue. Avoid accidentally glueing mirrors to your work surface like I did. I freed them with a razor knife. Getting the case off was not easy either . Take your time study the photos.
I made a tool that could get into the front vents to pry the tabs down thus releasing the case. It was a small flat blade screwdriver with the sides ground down to fit with wiggle room in the front vent slots. The other thing to know that before you start out make sure you have a collection of philips head screwdrivers especially jewelers screwdrivers for eyeglass repair. Its easy to strip the head, so if you feel like the screw isn't turning then stop and make sure your screwdriver fits properly. Work on a surface so that if you drop a screw then it won't get lost. It helped me to I.D. the screws too because some are different sizes..Thanks for posting the detailed instructions and photos. It works. BTW. The projector is an amazing invention and design . The light tunnel is the weak link. Four mirrors glued on edge is not a good idea. Other Materials and methods are available. Infocus support was not very helpful.They want you to spend a lot of money fixing something that is possible for you to do yourself but only if you are handy and have fixed things before. If you are a klutz ask a tech savvy friend with nimble fingers to do it for you.
bardi 06:26 AM 07-09-2014
Post no. 20 above from jikkme details the repairs with pictures, but those pictures are gone. Does anyone have them saved offline? Would love to see them before I attempt to repair the light tunnel in my SP4805.

I have become a HUGE fan of detailed instructions with pictures!!

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
bardi 01:20 PM 11-28-2014
Great instructions but the pics are not in the story - just a link to Image Shack website.

Do you have these pictures? Does anyone? I am getting ready to break into my SP4805 for a light tunnel repair.

Anyone? I know it's been a while.
bardi 01:21 PM 11-28-2014
Oh, I've been here before, got no love from the list. :sad
bsmat 02:46 PM 06-29-2015
I read many things about how to repair this, none lead me in the right direction so I'm posting this. There are good tutorials on disassembly so I will leave at this.

My issue was shadow or a dark area the length of the left hand side.

The mirror inside became out of alignment after travel and a new bulb.

Removing the front cover, gently pry of focus lens first, then magnification lens slowly while rotating with a flat head screwdriver capable of sliding behind it completely.

Two screws on bottom, lift bottom of cover out one inch, use flathead to press on top of cover to release each of two tabs.

You press on pivot screw to see if mirror goes back on its own.

This part is dangerous so be careful, using both a phillips and/or 1.5mm hex driver rotate carefully in or out while the projector is on. The dangerous bit is you do not want to look at bulb up front or touch any area. It would be easy to get blinded. I always looked straight down over projector, never from the front.

To clean front grill I recommend soap and water. Use a hair dryer to dry thoroughly, and be sure to shake out any water as it could destroy bulb.

Put grill back on followed by magnifying ring, keep watch on little notch that must fit in groove. Then focus ring and you are done.
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