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How much do I have to spend to get a PJ that will provide enough foot lamberts at the screen with a high quality image and video processing?

Is the AX 100 still overpriced?

I would like to point out that the empirical answer to this question is sales voume, which (judging by the early adopters on this forum) is going to do just fine.

Based on their run with some of the most successful sales campaigns in HT PJ's over the last few years, maybe they know something we don't. Ok, ok, they know something I don't, clearly they should consult you for their product management decisions. You seem to know it better than everyone else.
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Originally Posted by KenWH
it seems many of these entry level dlps are going with ever larger offsets :confused: .

Great post. My feelings exactly. And it's not just the entry level pjs. Optoma's flagship 1080p HD81 has a larged fixed offset that is unworkable for most. I am sure that many of the people interested in the HD81 would have paid extra for the flexibility of lens shift.

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Open question I'd like others opinions on:

Which camp has done a better job of addressing and improving their pj's following weaknesses?

LCD's weaknesses: Lack true blacks, contrast, screen door, vertical banding, convergence.

DLP's weaknesses: Lack true blacks(historically still better than lcd), lack of install flexibility, rainbow effect, historically higher pricing, sde (minor but still present).

Up until the last year or so...a dlp was going to usually be at the high end of the pricing level for each particular segment, but the performance justified that to some extent. Now they've begun to come down in price but at what cost?

I've read several reviews of the entry level dlps and though still excellent pj's...they've lost some of their performance advantages over competing lcd's seemingly in an effort to come in at the lower pricing.

It used to be that no matter how good the lcd pj was... the dlp in it's class was almost certain to have better overall performance and MUCH better blacks, less sde, etc. Not so anymore...just a few years ago you'd never hear of a dlp having worse black levels and more sde than ANY lcd.

We're at, or very close to the point where lcd's and 1-chip dlp's are going to have to start competing mainly on features as there is now so much parity in the actual picture performance....especially in these lower cost pj's.

The AX-100 is priced a little high right now...but your getting a lot of features and lumens for the money. Plus it's a given that once the stock of 900's is gone the ax-100's pricing will start dropping. Also when the new 1080p panny hit's the streets look for the pricing on the ax-100 to move lower still.
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For those of you who think the ax-100 is overpriced, please consider the 900.

I am sure the 100 is a GREAT pj.

I personally just received my 900 yesterday and I've been a PJ owner for nearly 3 years.

I thought i'd never be super impressed since I've regularly experienced the mega screen and image of a PJ.

I hooked it up and immediately my mouth fell open.

I had a 60 watt lamp on in the room and a 4 foot flourescent 2 lamp light on in the kitchen behind the screen (open floor plan apt).

Even with that, the image was Astounding shining on a piece of Wilson Art Designer White.

I'll be building my screen tonight. I was gonna last night but the neighbors would not have appreciated the sounds of the 12" compound miter saw accompanied by a hoover upright vac with hose sucking the chips away at 10:30 PM.

Even my gf walked in while I was playing and she just put her friend on the phone on hold and stood back in awwe.

The picture is very bright, vivid, colorful, crisp, no SDE.

The colors were so accurate right out of the box (compared to my old PJ 501 LCD and the replacement they sent me in a PJ406D DLP)

I can't wait to get this thing mounted high and my screen built.

For those considering either the 900 or the 100, the screen shift is like the chocolate sauce on top of your ice cream.

Works beautifully.
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Rhizzlebop, after several months, that's still the way I feel every time I fire up my AE900.

BTW all, if no manufacturer can manage to incorporate a wide-ranging H+V Lens Shift feature into DLP systems, they could certainly trump every LCD advantage on the ease-of-installation front by revisiting this innovative design option introduced by NEC a couple of years ago:

NEC WT-610
Check out the PDF file Product Sheet.

It's a toaster-size PJ that doesn't require ANY lens shift adjustment because it sits on the floor two feet from the screen throwing a 100"+ image in full DLP glory. Ceiling mounting is also an option. At $3999 MSRP, just about the only popular feature it lacks is native 16X9. The audible noise level is a little high by today's standards, but, remember that it isn't going to be placed overhead or anywhere near the audience's ears. It's going to be sitting right in front of and below the screen with virtually no lens shift/zoom "two-pieces-across-the-room" installation issues at all.

If some manufacturer would reduce the noise level a tad more, incorporate 16X9 native resolution and bring that MSRP down to competitive levels, I don't see why this design option wouldn't be the next step in that broad consumer ease-of-installation war. Especially for those who prefer to keep their source components at the front of the room next to the screen. In that case, this design reduces the cable lengths and travel to just a few feet, close to nothing.

I wonder why no one has pursued this design further for more mainstream HT use?
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Originally Posted by nbpc
What alot of people can't accept is this: there is no one PJ that works everybody any more than there's beer, more than one car, more than one soap. The reason why the HD70, HD73, AX100, Epson 400 and the IN76 all exist is because not everybody is MTyson (not to pick on you too much ;) ).

To be honest, I hope the moderator just closes this thread because it really doesn't add any value to anyone interested in purchasing a PJ.
Good point that one person's opinion is not the right thing for everybody, and very ironic your very next point is the thread should be closed because YOU don't see any value in it! :p (I'm enjoying the thread :p )
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Originally Posted by HeyNow^
My wife paid less for her Corvette than I paid for my GMC diesel truck....I think her car is faster and prettier (eyes of the beholder) but it can't haul wood or mulch. Who is right? :) Corvette convertibles and blondes are the devil...
A blonde in a Corvette can get somebody to haul her wood and mulch FOR her, so the Corvette wins.

Frank J. Cone

XBox Live / Steam: FCONE

Please do not form any opinion of the content of this post, it is still in BETA.

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Originally Posted by FrankJ.Cone
A blonde in a Corvette can get somebody to haul her wood and mulch FOR her, so the Corvette wins.

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