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Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

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01-25-2008 | Posts: 2,374
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BEWARE OF THE SCAMMERS! The below is a email I got when I bated the scammer. ( We should start a sticky for these butt holes )

Dear sir,

First i need to tell you that the projector are just as brand new. The price i'm asking for them is $5500.00 (American Dollars) I can accept 5200 $ including shipping only if you agree on my terms. I didn't payed anything for the item.
I received it as a gift few months ago but because I moved to United Kingdom me and my wife decided to sell it as we need the money for the new house here.
You can have this within 2-3 working days after you confirm the payment and we established the details. Shipping will be world wide via UPS air services.
All handling fees and transport of the package will be supported by me. The package will be delivered from United Kingdom (London), that's where i'm from. Payment is via money order.

If you are really interested to buy this product please email me your full name and address for shipping and Videogon team will contact you with the payment instructions to complete this transaction.
Please note that this transaction will be made through (Videogon guarantees the safety of this transaction).

Please reply with the following details:

First Name:
Middle Name (if any):
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:

if you have any questions left please feel free to contact me any time.

Thank you.

Chris Wilson
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 1,804
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I agree. I think we should also include vendors - I'm sure there have been other "TV Authority" type situations that have either not been reported on AVS or have been posted and buried by the tons of posts in the "official" and "owners" threads.
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 1,111
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MAKE A STICKEY I am sure alot of us have scammed before.
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 2,374
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Originally Posted by greg1292 View Post

MAKE A STICKEY I am sure alot of us have scammed before.

A little correction to my dear friends post.....he meant "have been scammed before."
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 1,111
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 133
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Ummm, It gives away that it is a scam as soon as it says "Money order only"...Never send a money order or western union for any purchase. ALWAYS use a credit card, Paypal, or something else that is traceable and that you can CANCEL payment on.
Just need to pay attention to the little things. Good Luck.
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 135
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You're absolutely right. Anyone demanding a money order is taking you for a ride. By far the best means of payment is credit card. It is 100% insured.
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 4,771
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How would you make an international purchase from a person, not a business? What form of payment do you make in person to person purchases?

I'm not saying it is not a scam but I don't see it reading as an obvious scam.

How would you sell your PJ to someone in another country?
How do you make sure you get paid?

This is in the wrong forum to boot...
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 4,081
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It's cool to post this here since there are a great number of people seeking info ,and AVS is the place to go for information regarding A/V equipment and consumers should be aware of internet scams.
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 39
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I have run into similar scams. I almost bought a CLK55 AMG from a guy who said he worked for Shell Oil and had been transferred to the Netherlands and they shipped his car for him. He was going to pay the return voyage (about $2K). He wanted a wire transfer (even more suspicious than money orders). As soon as I suggested using an escrow service of MY choice, I never heard from him again.

Two weeks later I see that same car (same VIN) listed on ebay. It was actually relisted. My Dutch scammer just lifted the info out of the old auction trying to lure a sucker. Bastards.
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 2,374
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Althought I concur with all of you guys and hope that this has never happen to you. There is people that are new to the internet and are very trust worthy. They should not be preyed on by these A-holes. As a forum member that sells items across multiple forums and wish to aid newbies in purchases ,I think it's my duty to help our hobby by pointing these thugs out in the threads that new members or newbies come to get intel. Let's kick some scammer you know what.
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01-25-2008 | Posts: 4,771
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It is definitely very helpful advice to recommend that any purchase be made confidently in a manner that can protect the buyer and the seller. Direct contact with a seller can go a long way toward helping you make sure your purchase is safe. Coming here is not a bad idea in trying to make sure you do the right thing BEFORE you spend/send your money.
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01-26-2008 | Posts: 2,374
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The below so call buyer posted a feed back for scammer kevsmithw aka cris wilson or whatever his name is on1/26/08. Lets see three feed backs for items the very day he open up his videogon membership. now that's fast delivery.......what a joke. Will the real cris wilson please stand up ,please stand up ,lease stand up

+++++10+++++ SERIOUSE
Positive by Chrismkkd (0) on 01-26-08

100% seriouse seller ... fast and seriouse
Positive by Chrismkkd (0) on 01-26-08

100% seriouse seller ... fast and seriouse
Positive by Chrismkkd (0) on 01-26-08


PANASONIC TH-65PF9UK Pro 65-inch PLASMA $1.25
Lexicon MC-12 V5 EQ $2250.00
JBL SR-X Speaker System Subwoofers and $3000.00
Sony VPL-VW100 lcd hd 1080p hdtv sxrd project $2500.00

Classifieds by Kevsmithw Asking
Sony VPL-VW200 SRXD LCOS Projector HDTV $5500.00
Pioneer PDP-5060HD HDTV $1500.00
Eaw KF850T KF 850 speakers w tad drivers (6) six $1500.00
Sony Bravia VPL-AW15 hdtv lcd projector & 25ft hdmi $1200.00
Sony VPL-FE40 sxga+ hdtv computer/video proj $1900.00
Sony Sony Projector $1200.00
Runco CL-810 CineWide DLP Projector $2700.00
Original Early Maran 7C Tube preamplifier 10638 $2500.00
Stunning Marantz SR-12S1 7.1 channel thx receiver! $990.00
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10-26-2008 | Posts: 2,297
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new name =brian egan
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10-27-2008 | Posts: 1,378
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Originally Posted by Denophile View Post

new name =brian egan

Sorry about your ordeal. Here is the link if you don't mind. Be careful out there.
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10-27-2008 | Posts: 3,804
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the sad thing is how many people actually fall for this kind of bull...i just got offered a 1996 Dogde Viper for $11000.00 (but it's in hawaii of course LOL)
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10-27-2008 | Posts: 21,492
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What you all need to do is photoshop a counterfeit money order and send via courier to the seller. Then when he attempts to cash it in he will at least raise some suspicions and inquiries on his end.
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10-27-2008 | Posts: 3,804
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lol. so your advice is to commit a fraud to get even with this guy? not the best advice i'd say. but it would be funny
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10-28-2008 | Posts: 2,374
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We don't need to bend to the sorry scammers, but make everyone aware of them when we see them on our best sites. i.e audiogon and videogon
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10-28-2008 | Posts: 1,369
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To everyone with a paypal account, I just got an e-mail about 10 min. ago that stated my paypal account was restricted and to click on the resolution center link in the e-mail. I almost fell for it, and I clicked on the link, and I noticed that the site was http, not https. It brang me to a site where it looked exactly like paypal, and it had the username and password box. If I hadnt noticed the false web adress I would have fell for it. I also noticed that the senders e-mail was, which is not paypals e-mail adress, but very close. Ther used a capitalized I instead of an l to make it look simular. Anyway, just letting everyone know about this very recent scam e-mail I just recieved.
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10-29-2008 | Posts: 400
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For the n00bsauces out there, follow those rules.

1) Never buy anything expensive from outside of the united states, especially electronics. Doesnt matter if the seller has a 99% positive feedback. Trust me on this one.

2) Never pay use anything but paypal. And within paypal, never pay using echeck or "paypal funds". Always pay using paypal via CREDIT CARD. Because most of the time paypal will screw you over as well, however if you paid with credit card through paypal, you can still do a charge back directly with your CC company and there is nothing paypal can do about it. And make sure you dont keep an account balance in paypal at all, because whatever is in the "paypal fund" can be frozen by them.

I have been an ebay powerseller for over 5 years, and the scams are getting very sophisticated each year. It used to be that you can trust the ebay rating, but nowdays you have guys with 1000+ 98% ratings doing scams by selling large quantities of electronics then running off with the money. I guess bad economy brings out the worst in people.

And why is this scammer's for sale post still active? or is that a different person, i am confused.
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10-29-2008 | Posts: 4
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There are more than a few examples of where the "victim" was able to turn the tables on the scammer. I always laugh at the ones where the scammer willingly gets a tattoo in order to receive "the funds".
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10-29-2008 | Posts: 393
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If you haven't heard of the IP Relay scams I encourage you to check this link out. .

IP Relay is a phone service for the deaf and dumb where a user can log onto a website, contact a telephone operator who will call a business and will actually read what the caller inputs on his keyboard to who ever the caller wants to call...the operator will in-turn type in whatever your response to her/the user is a service for those who can't hear or speak. Nice service...unless it's misused.

The bad thing is that when one of the scams is taking place the operator probably knows that it is a scam but is authorized to *only* read to you what the other user inputs to her screen. The operator may very well know that a scam is taking place but she's unable to warn you because of legal issues which could cost her/his job. It infuriates the operators, but their hands are tied. After dealing with a few of these scammers I've learned to relay my understanding of the scams to the operators by the tone/inflection of my voice...I can hear the anxiety of the operator melt away when they understand that I know what's going on and I'm trying to scam the scammer by getting all the credit card numbers I can and subsequently notifying the credit card companies. I have had some of these scams last 3-4 days while I get credit cards "approved", products "ready for shipment", etc., etc.,...the crooks actually call back checking on their order!!!!

I run a small tire business and over the last couple of years I've helped shut down one outfit, kept probably six or seven innocent folks from having their credit cards fraudulently used (ID stolen?). The vendor gets ripped off because the crook pays with a stolen credit card and has UPS/FedEx pick up the items that afternoon or the next day. By the time the credit card company charges your account back your product is long, long gone to an address that is probably an empty apartment or office.

For me it is easy to recognize one of these crooks...shipping tires across the country via FedEx or UPS is extremely expensive especially after I jack the price up and they still want them! Similar tires could be purchased "down the street" for much less money but yet they want to by *my* tires...??? Sometimes the address they will ship to is out of country (again, they will handle arranging shipment, just have the items ready for pickup). I even had one guy to email me 20 UPS Next Day shipping labels (phoney of course, but would have actually worked and UPS would have been stiffed for the freight)...UPS and a Washington state sheriff's office got involved in that one...I even got one thank-you call from one of the credit card owners (the crooks had to use several different card numbers to cover the $ amount).

From what I can tell, these crooks tend to target jewelry stores, camera stores, etc., where the items are small and high-dollar. I would say that projectors would definitely be easy pickin's for these low-lifes.

Vendors beware!!!!

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10-29-2008 | Posts: 393
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Originally Posted by CSW4 View Post

There are more than a few examples of where the "victim" was able to turn the tables on the scammer. I always laugh at the ones where the scammer willingly gets a tattoo in order to receive "the funds".

Interesting info.

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10-29-2008 | Posts: 202
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11-04-2008 | Posts: 2,374
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The below is another Videogon scam alert. I emailed the person an they gave me some of the same gibberish that most of these guys give.

About Seller Roberotwix (0)
(send email) (other items)

Pay Terms Money Order, Visa/MC, Amex, Discover

VPL-VW100 1080p HD SXRD™ home theatre projector creates images of startling clarity, depth and colour – quality usually reserved for motion picture screening rooms.

Placing this projecter 3.72 metres away from the screen will project a quality 95'' image displayed with excellent high definition.

Have 0 hours of use.

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