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Originally Posted by Jim HTPC View Post

I hope this takes off.

I just recieved an e-mail from these guys telling me to "checkout the new mp3HD format that we have just announced", so I guess there is going to be at least a little bit of a push.

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Originally Posted by Jim HTPC View Post

I hope this takes off. The biggest complaint I hear is that the file size is too large (still smaller than wav). Well you'll have to dump the cheapo 2GB player and get a 32GB iTouch. Soon there will be 64 and 128GB.

Hi Jim,

Sounds very interesting to me. Majority of my listening has gone from VERY good CD production to the convenience of ipod/mp3s with its embedded art and tags. I started converting some CDs to wavs and also to 320mp3s. I want to be able to listen to high quality through my hifi and acceptable through an ipod/dock.

Then I thought I would switch to a single format that had lossless/able to play through ipod/had tags/played through my TV's included streame etc etc. Mmmmmmm. Investigated for days, read forums, not one format was acceptable like you found.

Mp3HD could be the answer until I thought deeper. I have no interest in joining my PC to my audio equipment, so a few things need to happen for the perfect solution. A Media player with hard drive like a DVICO or a Network streamer like Sonus needs to support the format which can then be added to my Tag McLaren processor. (Ideally itunes and Ipods too but that seems very unlikely as Apple wont even support Flac). But here's hoping!
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Originally Posted by FrantzM View Post

This could be anathema to some here: How does it compare to the "regular" lossless methods in term of sound quality?

The sound quality is 100% identical in ANY lossless method.
Don't let anyone tell you differently!
The reason is that they will all produce an EXACT COPY of the original file.

There are two exceptions:

1. Windows Media Audio Lossless format places a very small amount of silence at the start or the end of the track. This makes the output file slightly different than the input file, but this DOES NOT affect the sound quality.

2. If you had extreme hardware or software problems, this could potentially cause unwanted artifacts, but that is the fault of your system.

I've been in the high-end and professional audio and computer industry for over 20 years. I've heard a lot of nonsense! Some people still insist they can hear a difference between different brands or types of CD-R media, and some people still spend $5000+ for a transport. The fact is that when the digital stream is sent to the D/A converter, it is buffered and re-clocked.

Love, Brandon
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Bringing this post out of the grave to see if anyone can help. Did a search on google for MP3HD Encoder and this thread came out on top. No, I don't know why this tread is in the "Ultra Hi-End HT Gear" section.

Want to try the MP3HD encoder (yes, I realize there is no support for it any longer) to rip my CD's because I would like a format I can play on all my devices like my iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire HDX, etc. in one format instead of many as well as have available lossless audio. I've downloaded the last Exact Audio Copy EAC 1.0 3 beta and installed it and it's running. I've downloaded the last MP3HD toolkit v1.5. Now when I go into the options as instructed in the first post, I include in the "Additional command-line options:" -if %s -of %d -br %r000 -Artist "%a" -Album "%g" -Title "%t" -Year "%y" -Track "%n" -Genre "%m" -Encoder "Thomson mp3HD encoder v1.5" (note I've edited "v1.4" to "v1.5" but changing it back gets the same message) but I get "Invalid replacement tag found !" in response. Anyone know what I need to edit?

Here's what I'm doing to complete this.
Slysoft's latest CloneCD to rip an image of the CD onto the computer hard drive.
Use Slysoft's latest VirtualCloneDrive so the computer can read the cloned CD image.
Use the latest Exact Audio Copy to rip the Wave music files.

Now I want to compress to MP3HD for lossless and backwards compatible music format (variable? or 320kbit/s 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz 16bit stereo?) and wanted to use EAC to do this as described in the first post (or I could use Nero 2014 if that's possible if someone knows how to set that up?).

Might want to try to use another old format for rip smaller compressed files like MP3Pro later (constant bit rate: 96kbit/s 44.1 kHz stereo, MP3Pro is still an option with Nero) ?

Then use latest MP3Gain v1.2.5 to normalize all the music.

The other option is MPEG-4 SLS / HD-AAC (320, 256 or 192 kbps 96 kHz 24bit?) which is probably better but can't find a encoder available for download (except for one for a couple hundred $)?

Thanks for any help.
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