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tgm1024's Avatar tgm1024 11:05 AM 06-03-2013
There's another visual/mental exercise I discovered on my own as a kid.

For some reason starting with a blank slate, in my mind I cannot draw a spiral from the outside all the way to the center. I can cognate what will happen, but I can't watch it proceed. It never gets there. As it runs out of room there is an apparatus in my brain performing a "zooming in" of some kind (to look at it closer perhaps?) This widens the space left to spiral into and I cannot ever smack into the middle.

abatsky's Avatar abatsky 07:35 PM 07-16-2013

It took me 6 minutes. Does this result give scholarship for monitor calibration studies for FREE in the Philippines?!biggrin.gif
Helder Carvalho's Avatar Helder Carvalho 05:47 AM 07-24-2013
18 on an uncalibrated 18" screen
Sergei Klimenko's Avatar Sergei Klimenko 05:00 PM 12-13-2013


nice test

Seegs108's Avatar Seegs108 08:39 AM 12-15-2013

Uncalibrated Dell 3007WFP
tvolle's Avatar tvolle 07:34 AM 12-19-2013
I got an 8, but I blame it on my crappy PC monitor and my impatience.

I need to re-do this in my theater and see if my accusations are misdirected. smile.gif

d.j.'s Avatar d.j. 03:49 AM 12-20-2013
My score was 8: ( it took about 5 min )

artur9's Avatar artur9 09:54 PM 02-14-2014
I got a 0 so I get to lord it over the the less fortunate in the household.
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