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Mig01's Avatar Mig01 07:46 PM 01-25-2011
53 years old (54 next May)


cissado's Avatar cissado 09:56 AM 01-26-2011
I heard everything at 42 years old. i actually though my hearing was going bad. Probably still is.

Anyway, I did have to raise the volume on the last 2 tones. Is that cheating? lol I have old Dell 2.1 speakers. I raised them at least halfway to max on the last two..

Interesting, I heard 16 clearly, but 15 was barely as noticable. Maybe different frequencies affect us differently? Ot perhaps my speakers or room is causing that? Either way, I went from top to bottom, and when hearing 15, I said to myself, "Oh, this is going to get harder...." but 16 was much clearer. Nice. Thanks for the test.

Maybe that's why I think my HT system is 'bright'. AHA!!!! lol Well, maybe.
md1953's Avatar md1953 09:44 AM 01-27-2011
How depressing....58 years old (that too) and could hear the 12 khz easily, the 14 only in the left ear and only with the volume at max. Tough to get old.
Acid Snow's Avatar Acid Snow 04:34 PM 02-09-2011
27yo, and can just hear the 17.4KHz.
saprano's Avatar saprano 10:03 PM 02-09-2011
I can hear the 20khz on my TV but not my HT speakers unless turned up. And does turning up the volume count?

ychro's Avatar ychro 09:16 AM 02-22-2011
I am 24 and it drops at 20k.
I am using g35 logitech headphones

Most regular headphones have a frequency range of 20-20k so I would assume that's why I don't hear anything past that.

That being said what cell phone can play 20k+ ring tones? seems like they might be a waste.

Edit: Turning up the volume I can hear 21k but still not 20k, problem with headphones? or problem with head? might have to find another pair and try it again another time.
vitaminbass's Avatar vitaminbass 06:39 AM 02-25-2011
It's very helpful to have your trusty Radio Shack SPL meter handy when you do this test. I say this because, working through the tones it becomes obvious there is a serious rolloff in my system around 15-16 kHz (I can see that on the meter but at the same time that's about where I stop hearing the tones). Pretty sure it isn't my speakers so it must be the sound card. I'm surprised, this isn't a laptop, and it's supposed to be a pretty good sound card.
HelloCDClub's Avatar HelloCDClub 09:38 PM 04-07-2011
I'm 17, I can hear up to 21kHz.
pottscb's Avatar pottscb 12:26 PM 04-18-2011
33 yr old male...15K right ear and 17.4 left ear, though I perceived some left ear discomfort on the higher tones I couldn't actually "hear" what was playing.
drewTT's Avatar drewTT 12:26 PM 04-20-2011
30. I could hear up to 20kHz

EDIT: I can actually hear the 22kHz but only If I crank the volume.
Dasteru's Avatar Dasteru 02:23 AM 05-08-2011
22khz at -30+ on my avr, down to -35 i can only hear to 18, not sure if that means anything.

age 23

Shure SRH840's 5hz-25khz response.

For some reason the 19 and 20khz frequencies sound weird though compared to the rest. 20khz i could only just barely hear at -30, then 21 and 22khz i could hear fine. seems odd.
aidoroboo's Avatar aidoroboo 10:02 AM 05-12-2011
Left: 21 kHz
Right 22 kHz

age: 28

I don't think turning the volume up is a problem. In fact it should be up otherwise the signal might not be strong enough to overcome interference. The test is for frequency not amplitude.
ghostnotes's Avatar ghostnotes 01:10 AM 05-14-2011
19khz......and i play drums!!!...with ear protection.
Zero.exe's Avatar Zero.exe 07:25 PM 05-16-2011
im 24 and heard 22Khz

I believe the speaker will make an obvious difference. Lap top couldnt play above 19 khz but on my dynaudio tweeters i heard all 22khz
MasterOGA's Avatar MasterOGA 06:52 PM 05-19-2011
Neat! I'm 31½ and can hear the 16khz. I can just barely hear the 17khz with my left ear if I turn my head so my ear is aimed at the speakers (figured that out on accident, looked over at my cat who was on my right lol)
Louis Bartay's Avatar Louis Bartay 07:57 AM 05-21-2011
Originally Posted by millerwill View Post

Well, I'm 69 and couldn't hear the 8K Hz tone! Guess that's why I've never worried about the high freq roll off in Audyssey.

I thought I was deaf until I read your post. I got a bigger amp now...
61 and only hear the 8khz I have Klipsch 2.1 PC speaker system and Cornwall home speakers..... years of motorcycles and being at the Drag Strip.

EDIT I turned up the PC speakers and I can hear 12Khz I used my db meter, my PC speakers are working I see the needle move on the higher tones..... sigh.
Burninh2o's Avatar Burninh2o 05:35 PM 05-26-2011
24 and I can hear upto 15k.
Reddig's Avatar Reddig 06:37 PM 05-30-2011

Efflixi's Avatar Efflixi 09:34 AM 06-11-2011
31yrs old
AKG 271 Studio Headphones

I can't hear anything above 16KHz I think this stems from about 15 years ago when i was a shooting range and someone emptied a 9mm clip about 10 feet from me when i didn't have ear protection on.
thedragon16888's Avatar thedragon16888 10:02 AM 06-19-2011
18Khz at 38 age // AKG K-55
kusanagi-sama's Avatar kusanagi-sama 04:47 PM 06-19-2011
I apparently can't hear anything under over 16k, but I'm using some cheap logitech headset.
eljr's Avatar eljr 09:28 AM 07-20-2011
is this for real?

I can only hear 8khz.
gregavi's Avatar gregavi 12:05 PM 07-23-2011
53, male, and I can barely hear 15 KHz

My 8 year old daughter can hear up to 21 KHz

While I was doing the test she kept yelling from the other room "I can hear that. Stop". So I brought her in to take the test.

Should I have her pay for my new tweeters since she'll be the only one in the home who will hear the difference?

Switched from Monitor/TV speakers to PC Yamaha speakers (pretty good ones) and I could still hear up to 15 KHZ but more easily.
swanlee's Avatar swanlee 07:32 PM 07-23-2011

37 and only 12khz. I have a 19 month old that was colicky so he screamed 8 hrs a day for almost a year. Blew out me and my wifes hearing. glad I never invested in super tweeters
gregavi's Avatar gregavi 02:15 PM 07-24-2011
I just took the test again using a pair of $80 Sennheiser ear buds and I could hear all the way up to 21 KHz. It is interesting that my 8 YO daughter didn't need the ear buds to hear all the way to that level. She was able to hear that level with LCD TV speakers. Maybe the ear buds (and/or the TV speakers) are not capable of producing above 21 KHz.
Louis Bartay's Avatar Louis Bartay 02:43 PM 07-24-2011
I have the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 for my PC and had my SPL meter ony desk
on the highest tones the meter moved but I did not hear them
I have noticed that now I have inner ear buds (Klipsch Image S4) about the same price I hear the higher tones Much better. Getting old sux.
swanlee's Avatar swanlee 06:54 AM 07-25-2011
Originally Posted by swanlee View Post


37 and only 12khz. I have a 19 month old that was colicky so he screamed 8 hrs a day for almost a year. Blew out me and my wifes hearing. glad I never invested in super tweeters

Weird, my hearing seems to vary greatly. Yesterday I could not even hear the 12khz tone I was able to hear previously. I was like oh great now I'm down to 10KHZ? Today I'm able to hear up to 15KHZ which is normal for my age.

I've read and there does not seem to be anything they can do about high freq hearing loss but the fact mine seems to vary greatly is a little concerning. Think I'm going to get some hearing tests done. Anyone else have an experience like this and go to an audiologist? Any tips or advice you can give?
allbizz's Avatar allbizz 11:15 AM 08-16-2011
wow and I used to think i had great hearing.
Randy Bessinger's Avatar Randy Bessinger 11:21 AM 08-16-2011
A hearing test were you can turn up the volume until you can hear it? That doesn't sound correct to me. (Please Mr. Orchestra leader, could you make the treble notes louder). Not like any standard hearing test I have had (which generally does not go about 8Khz)
R0mme1's Avatar R0mme1 03:36 PM 08-29-2011
I only got up to 12kHz. 22 years old.
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