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Ultra Hi-End HT Gear ($20,000+) > Any one see the Lexicon MC-12HD replacement at CES?
Brucemck2's Avatar Brucemck2 11:42 AM 03-16-2013
Originally Posted by Roger Dressler View Post

The SSP-800 can do that. Define the speaker config (can make up to 6 different ones), then map it to the desired input.

The ADA Reference will do it too ... you just establish a different Trinnov preset with the configuration you want, and can use that preset with any source

djnickuk's Avatar djnickuk 11:53 AM 03-16-2013
Same with the datasat rs20i.
Rod#S's Avatar Rod#S 02:35 PM 03-16-2013
Very cool. So more devices are offering this.
dsmith901's Avatar dsmith901 07:36 AM 03-26-2013
Originally Posted by Rod#S View Post

I do ... biggrin.gif

The Bryston does a lot right in my opinion but it's lack of focus on surround processing like not including Dolby PLIIz and dts Neo:X, and no room eq make it lacking in my opinion. As Sanjay pointed out earlier Bryston is taking a purist approach which is a different market segment then the Lexicon anyways so for that market it isn't lacking, say perhaps for 1 additional sub out. I just learned last week that the SP3 allows for the setting of crossovers per input should the user desire to set things up that way and I think that's a wonderful feature. I don't think I have ever heard of such a feature available in other processors or receivers for that matter. With no PLIIz or Neo:X capabilities I would have liked to see the SP3 with just one additional Aux output which could have been used for a 4th sub should someone want a sub on each wall or in each corner without having to use a Y splitter.

If the SDP-45 can not even get a scaled back 7.1 version of QL but could get the L7 from the MC-12 I think that might help sales. They (JBL) don't have to worry about lack of room EQ in the SP3 because they have their own external solution so it actually works out better for them that the SP3 doesn't have that as they would be paying for something they don't need.

Please re-read my post and you will see I was talking about VIDEO processing as not essential in a high end pre-pro, not audio processing, which the MP-20 clearly would have been SOTA on that feature if Lexicon would have just repackaged it sans the VP.
Rod#S's Avatar Rod#S 02:15 PM 03-26-2013
Yep, right you are, sorry for the mis-interpretation
Rosano's Avatar Rosano 05:23 PM 03-26-2013
Hey guys If anyone wants or knows someone who wants a perfectly working Lex MC12HD with the latest software and the mic kit......along with manuals.....just PM me and lets talk.

Its my unit by the way....

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