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Originally Posted by stevekale View Post
I know this isn't what you want to hear but if ease of use and a state-of-the-art application are priorities then JRiver and JRemote can't be beaten.

I've used my Oppo in the manner suggested by jjwinterberg and it unfortunately bears no comparison. A dedicated PC (Windows motherboard with HDMI out) left running or, if you prefer, set so that JRiver launches on boot up and you don't need to worry about flicking between applications etc. If you are uncomfortable building the PC (it's surprisingly easy even for someone like me that had never done it before) then there are places which will do it for you. I believe Steve here had a good experience with one such service.
I have a notebook PC here, that I bought for the Casa IV upgrade. I didn't owe I bought one.
It has an HDMI out...nothing fancy.
But your saying in JRiver and the JRemote...once I take it out of sleep, I can run everything in the JRemote?
Even volume? On the Casa? With most all apps, I have to switch between apps to control the music, and another app, which is iRule, to control the volume.
I love iRule...and they do have plugins.....but I don't know if thay have a plug in for JRivers?
I can build a stand alone box for this...I've done it....again, I was looking for ease, everything being controlled thru the iRule going to the other room for
equipment control at all.

And JRivers will play DSD, and imput that to the Casa through the HDMI?
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Correct. I only use the PC in conventional fashion when it requires administration (and even then mostly via my iPad). Set JRiver to open on boot up. (I'm not a Windows guy as I generally prefer Macs and so can't recall how to do this off the top of my head but it isn't hard.) Volume can be controlled from JRemote but I prefer to control the volume via the Casablanca so I'm not the guy to ask re that (on my setup the volume control in JRemote doesn't do anything). If your wife can manage your CB and system via iRule she's way ahead of me. I do that manually. JRemote controls JRiver from an iOS device. At most she/you would select content via JRemote and then flick to iRule on the iPad/iPhone to manage volume and CB settings. Easy peasy and way better than the Oppo - any other device will have to be controlled the same way.

Yes, JRiver will play a DSD ISO out of the PC mobo HDMI. I'm doing exactly that with mine. Set JRiver to convert it on the fly to LPCM and the CB detects multichannel LPCM and cooks with gas. (I've also ripped my old DVD collection to my Synology NAS and JRemote can be used to manage JRiver playback of all those files. Bulldogger here is uber excited about video via JRiver. Personally, I rarely look at those old movies and prefer the newer higher res Blu Ray for which I haven't bothered to rip.

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Originally Posted by dancjodanc View Post
Thank...I forgot about that.
When I researched that a while back...the iPad app was not all the great....but I'm guessing it has been updated.
Can you make playlist....and arrange tracks in a playlist with the Oppo App?
Hey Dan,

I don't know if you can create play lists. The Oppo forums have a wealth of very knowledgeable people who could help you.

The streaming apps for the Oppo continue to improve but are not the focus of the Oppo development team so it's somewhat of a crap shoot. I will tell you that the latest 3.03 version of the Media Control app is quite stable and works well.

I'm sure that a dedicated PC with JRiver would be a more feature rich solution but for me, since I wanted a dedicated disc spinner the streaming features were a great bonus and satisfy my needs. I have ripped all of my music onto my NAS using Windows Media Player and for non-critical listening find the Oppo solution to be very convenient and low maintenance.

Good luck whichever way you go.
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