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Originally Posted by Bulldogger View Post
Probably not as much as you might think. I hope your not expecting there not to be any differences? Stereophile finds differences between cables, wire, so I would fully expect them to find the differences here as well between two amps that have different power supplies and input stages and even cases. Who knows how much the dampening of the cases and cones used on each case might impact the sound??? Don't misunderstand my comments. Stereophile is my favorite publication. I have always saved my new issues for vacation travel. Pack clothes and get the latest copy of Stereophile for the plane ride! Always a way to start a great vacation!

The story with Hypex and Hypex Done right as far as Theta sees it is that it doesn't work nearly as well with a Switching Supply. When you front end it with a Huge Linear like theta has done on the Prometheus and the Dreadnaught 4 the game changes.

Dave Reich for years tried to get the NCore 1200 to sound awesome and couldn't do it.. He wanted to use a Switching supply because the weight would have been great but after years of working with this module he finally struck gold when he coupled it with his Linear Design.. There was no reason for Dave to do this like he did except for Sonics.. They found that when pumped with Linear the NC1200 comes alive.. I knew it the minute I heard the Prometheus and now people that have them are all saying the same thing.. Stereophile of course helps by writing such nice things but we all knew months back that the Prometheus were great.. On Aerials/Josephs and quite a few others we are stunned and dumbfounded how good the amps sound..

The Dreadnaught 4 should accomplish almost the same thing and in some respects can do more. Considering the Dread 4 can be ordered with up to 4 modules that can be Bridged to 2XNC1200's delivering 400WPS@8 X 4 Modules.

Yesterday a customer configured a really nice Dread 4 like this -
3 Bridged Stereo Modules 400WPC X 3
1 Stereo Module 225X2
A super charged 5 channel amp.

Does anyone need to bridge a Hypex Module and have 400WPC into one channel, I don't know.. I used to think so but if you ask Steve Bruzonsky how his Prometheus performs with 250 WPC VS his Prior Citadel at 425 WPC.. He will take the Prometheus all day long..

Prometheus feels like 500WPC from anything I have ever heard in the past and I don't really know why but it does.

The Theta Ncore solution they have produced with the Dread 4 and Prometheus is going to change the amplifier industry forever. My opinion of course


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Originally Posted by VGI View Post

I want to clear some things up with the Dacs..

Okay as for right now here is the word -

New Xtreme X3 (may be called something else) which is built on the Gen 8 S3 tech.. This dac is 6 channels and will be able to be inserted in a CB3HD and CB4.. You can use 2 of them in a CB3HD or Cb4 and you will have 12 channel using just 2 cards... You can not insert more than two 6 channel cards in these machines before the architecture is designed for 12 channels..The benefit here is that you can achieve 12 channels in 2 cards and that will lower cost of entry big time.. The new dacs are progressing well and we should be shipping them hopefully in the next 90-120 days..

Wait till you see it.. Its Gorgeous and is a modular design unlike anything you've seen from Theta in the past.. I am not sure what the modularity will allow for the future but the Dac cards are on a removable locking carrier that is really nice..

For people who need more than 12 channels.. The Casablanca 5 will be just that.. That will have a new motherboard which will allow for 3 of the 6 Channel Dac cards to be inserted for 18 internal channels.. You can get to even more channels by using the external expansion where you can have more of the 6 channel X3 cards and keep going.. Not sure if 24 or 32 will be the max but it will be up there.

The CB4A is simply a CB4 with the PR5 processor allowing for Atmos and hopefully Auro and X as well in the future..

The CB3HD and CB4 are rock solid right now and with the new dacs make them fantastic machines with amazing upgradability as time progresses.

Hope this clarifies things a bit


What will happen if one has no plans to go beyond vanilla 7.1 channels. Will Theta be making the new Xtreme x3 Dacs available for the CB3HD or CB4 for the 8 channels as in the 'ole' days?
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