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AN email I received from Underwood Hi Fi about this "Black Hole":

Spatial Computer has developed a new kind of solution to the most basic problem in high-end audio. All audio systems have to deal with low frequency room resonance's. Just put the Black Hole in the rear corner of your room, plug it in and turn it on. It does the rest. It does not even hook to your system so not cables to run across the floor.

Your room represents a closed resonant tube from an acoustics standpoint. The large peaks & adjacent dips shown above are created by interference patterns in the room, related to the room’s dimensions. The large aberrations in frequency response at the Bass end of the range are the result of the acoustic energy reflecting off the rear wall of the room & interacting with the output of the speaker.
If we could remove the rear wall of the room, most of the problem would go away, restoring a response similar to the intrinsic response of the speaker itself. The Spatial Black Hole acoustically removes the rear wall. The Black Hole is an active device that measures incoming acoustic energy at the back of the room and propagates an out-of-phase energy pattern to effectively neutralize the resonant behavior of the room and provide much flatter and more natural sounding Bass at the listener position. Low frequency resonant energy also decays slowly in the room, causing the poor Bass articulation and Bass build up in the room. By neutralizing resonant energy, the time domain is much cleaner, providing crisp, detailed Bass.
The Black Hole works as an acoustic pressure absorber located at the opposite end of the listening room from the speaker. This helps to reduce the interaction between the speaker's output and the reflected energy coming off the wall behind the listener. This is what causes the long low frequency time decay problems in most rooms, which muddy the Bass and mask information in the midrange. So, in effect, it does not need to know the difference between room resonances and music information in order to work. The Black Hole simulates removing the rear wall in order to reduce Bass decay times.
A Black Hole is like adding 10-15 tube traps to your room. All in a small box that goes in the rear corner of your room

All rooms exhibit this type of behavior, which vary depending on room dimensions. One Black Hole device can neutralize up to 20dB dips and peaks for a dramatically more effective solution than common tube traps; all in small corner-loaded unit. Transformative improvements can be had in 2-channel audiophile applications as well as subwoofer-equipped home theater systems.
The Black hole is loaded with internal measurement and signal processing hardware. A highly accurate massive 10” woofer delivers the neutralizing punch.
To sum up:
The Black hole is equipped with a mic and internal measurement and signal processing hardware to measure and remove the standing waves in your room. A highly accurate 10 inch transducer delivers the neutralizing punch. Place the Black Hole at the rear of the listening room. Turn it on and set the volume at 50%. It is Automatic with no calibration required.
At $1295.00

Black Hole Specifications
Type: active acoustical resonance damping device - on board signal processing
Operating Range: 25Hz - 200Hz
Power Output: 250 Watts RMS
Transducer: 10 in (250mm) long-throw unit
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 13 inches
Weight: 35lbs / Shipping: 39lbs

What do you think about this? No I haven't tried one!

You mean you don't remember me? Back 1999 - 2003, I started and moderated the AVS Tweaks forum and also the AVS Special Guests forum.

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15 or 20 years ago I read a review in Stereophile about a very similar product (or maybe it's been resurrected), and it was found to be very effective; no reason it shouldn't be.

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The device reviewed/mentioned in years past was similar but different.

Similar in terms of creating an "opposite" signal to bring down humps. Different in that it involved measuring the room and creating (up to) two fixed "opposite humps" that it would apply. In that way it was a physical analogy of what products such as DSPeaker Antimode do electronically.

Different in that the Black Hole sits at the back of the room and continually monitors low frequency energy and continuously creates an opposing signal; there's no initial measurement and correction filter set mechanism in this new product offering. Similarly, if you open a door or change the room layout then there's no recalibration required of the Black Hole.

I've not tried one, but have considered one.
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This looks very interesting.

Would it not be similar in running something like audyssey sub eq into 2 subs? This is what I do.

Essentially what I am asking is, do you think this unit would be of benefit to someone with 2 subs already in the room, time aligned to reduce room modes etc?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,
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You might want to read the article in the May 2012 Journal of the AES titled "Subjective Preference of Modal Control Systems", where the authors describe how effective C.A.B.S (Controlled Acoustic Bass System) is. Basically, in CABS, two subwoofers in front work against two subwoofers in the rear, which are excited to sink (cancel) the waveform from the front. The cancelled waveform would be your "black hole". Concept has been around for awhile.
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