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Ewingr's Avatar Ewingr 01:54 PM 07-25-2012
I went for a high end projector back in 2004, and purchased the Sim2 HTlink projector. It has been good, albeit with consistent problems getting it to come on. I sent it back 2 different times for the issue, and it never was resolved. I turn it on; the bulb comes on for a few seconds, then goes out. I turn off the base module and back on, then fire up the PJ and it works. But now, it is just going off while watching, and I have to recycle again.

I called Sim2, and they are offering to trade me 'up' to a Sim2 C3XT2 for $5500. Supposedly that was a 21,995 projector. I cannot find anything at all on that projector anywhre, including on Sim2 site.

I had decided I would not spend that kind of money (14K) on a projector again. I really would like to stay under 5K, but don't want to spend 3500 to be disappointed.

Based on some reading over the past day, 2 that look interesting are: The Epson 5100 (possibly the e), and the Panasonic AE-7000.

My expectations are:

  • Good picture, hopefully not disappointing compared to my current 8 year old Sim2 (I've been very happy with it)
  • Better brightness for some ambient light
  • 3D is not a requirement...but I am concerned that if I pass up 3D that I may ultimately regret it

My screen is a 1.3 gain Stewart Firehawk. Distance to the 92" screen from projector lens is ~ 16'. Watching distance from screen is ~ 14'

The most ambient light comes down from upstairs, where windows allow light in, and it comes down the stairs. Split level, so only 6 stairs. I do have 2 windows and a door behind the couch, but they have shading on the glass, and blinds, so it really isn't too bad. The walls and ceiling are painted fairly dark brown.

I"m a bit shy to consider a Sim2, given the cost of the unit, and the not so great experience with turning the current one on, over 8 years.

I posted in this thread because I assume that more folks here may be familiar with the Sim2, as it is supposedly a 'high end' unit.


Pete's Avatar Pete 03:50 PM 07-25-2012
The C3X is a 3-chip DLP projector that's going to really pop on a 92" screen. Provided its a C3Xe, you'll be able to feed it 1080p via HDMI and it will scale it to 720p. The C3Xe is pretty reliable overall, so its unlikely it would suffer any turn on issues. The price sounds pretty good for a 3-chip DLP. I'd take that deal over a current entry-level bang-for-the-buck projector.
danieledmunds's Avatar danieledmunds 07:11 AM 07-26-2012
Sorry, ignore my ealrier post, I thought you had a different model. To be honest since the HT300 came out there have been quite a few major advances. The current JVC models offer a huge jump in contrast, the current high end single chip 1080p DLP models will provide a lot more sharpness and detail (some slightly older high end models that offer similar 2D performance can be found quite cheaply as well). It is really worth demoing a few newer models, havign seen the HT300 5 or so years ago, there is a big difference with some of the newer models.
Will Binegar's Avatar Will Binegar 12:40 PM 08-01-2012
You probably wouldn't find info on the C3X if you searched by "C3XT2". C3X is the model number; T2 is one of the lens options (for longer throw length). If you're OK with 720p and no 3D, I think you'd be glad you got the C3X-E. It's a three chip DLP spec'd at 2500 lumens, plenty of output to deal with some ambient light on a 92" screen. I've got a C3X-E working with a 100" diagonal 08-85 Supernova in the family room, and it does very well.
mdrums's Avatar mdrums 07:07 PM 08-13-2012
Ewingr, I feel your pain!!!!! I have the same exact problem with my Sim2 HT300-E Link. I bought it as part of a home theater build project October 2004 from my installer....who is now out of business and there is no Sim2 dealer with in 5 hr's of me now. My HT300 E Link has been back to the dealer in 2005 once and back to Sim2 once in 2008. It always has turn on issues, locks up or the bulb needs replaced. My wife and I might watch a movie on it once every month or 2. I have around 15 hours on the current new bulb. We'd watch more if it would work but it's always scary to even attempt to turn it on.

Today I went to turn it on to check the inputs because I'm programming a new Harmoy 1100 remote. Guess what....? fan comes on, bulb comes on but just a white light with a tight grid pattern and the blue light flashing saying error message on the processor and blue/green light on the projector saying fiber optic error. I called Sim2 and they said to send it back and they would "try" to fix it but it could cost up to $1000 in a repair bill. I'M SO SICK OF SIM2....THEY WILL NOT GET ANOTHER DIME FROM ME!

Anyone want a Sim2 HT300 E Link...for parts?!?!?! CHEAP!

So I'm looking at either the $3500 Epson or one of the lower priced JVC units. I have a local installer coming over on Monday to talk to me about what to get...however I'm sick of spending major money and have products that don't work and are out dated in 6 months.

What projector have you decided on?
mdrums's Avatar mdrums 08:05 AM 08-19-2012
Went and looked at a Epson 6010 today and a few higher end Sony for comparison. My wife and I were blown away buy the Epson. We watch Diretv sports and a few Blu Ray clips. The Epson was brighter more life like than the Sim2 and even a Sony that was ISF'd. The Sony was $7k more and it look bland.
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