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tjk3030's Avatar tjk3030 01:41 AM 09-28-2013
I'm wondering if anyone on the ultra hi-end forum is doing anything with reel to reel? I'm starting to experiment a bit, I came across a pair of Tascam BR-20's. Supposedly most of the parts are available from Tascam. Anyways, like to take things apart, put them back together again, put in better parts etc. Used to restore old British cars/motorcycles, but at my age, the parts are to big and heavy to screw around with. So I think a reel to reel is a good change of pace. Plus if anyone likes to update them I'd love to hear from you, get free advice etc.

so was wondering if anyone is getting into the Tape Project stuff, or the rebuilt r2r which seems to be the greatest thing going on now.

Glimmie's Avatar Glimmie 12:26 PM 09-29-2013
Can be a very expensive hobby. The Tape Project I think you are referring to, the Doc Bottlehead tube guy, is a fascinating idea. The music selection is understandably limited and expensive but is as close to pure analog as you will get.

You only want to work with high end consumer or professional three motor decks. These are mechanically simple compared to the cheaper single motor monstrosities and easier to repair/rebuild.

Heads however are problem. NOS parts are just about extinct. Heap re-lapping is a lost art and very expensive - that's if the old head is even salvageable.

But hey, if your up for it. To me at least there is nothing more cool than a 10 inch RtoR playing back music. A stone faced CD player just doesn't cut it.
BDP24's Avatar BDP24 03:34 AM 10-29-2013
I've got four Revox A77's in various states of disrepair. Yours for $100 plus shipping.
tjk3030's Avatar tjk3030 10:33 PM 11-12-2013
I've got four Revox A77's in various states of disrepair.

Now if they were a B77 or PR99. we would have a deal.
Barsik's Avatar Barsik 10:54 PM 11-12-2013
A few years ago several of the home theater stores here in my area went out of business. At the very end they did one final auction to get rid of the rest of the store. I bought what was left in the repair department for, I want to say $35 (I thought even if I left it all there for trash, it was a good deal.. Nobody was bidding against me has I had bought a few other things I really wanted and didn't back down.. Hey, they were still great deals.. Tons of old junk, several really cool things that were never picked up by the owner, etc.

One of the finds was a Teac x2000r. I ended up spending about $125 repairing it. Came with some tape of old radio shows that had been recorded, some music, etc. I had it setup for about a year and after not touching it for about 6 months I listed it on eBay. Got over $1000 for it though ;-)

Was a fun toy, but not really my thing long term.
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