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SBruzonsky's Avatar SBruzonsky 01:57 PM 04-29-2014
Originally Posted by stevekale View Post

My upgraded CBIV is reassembled but since I didn't get any sleep on the flight due to a screaming 2-year old I won't be firing it up before tomorrow and it will take me a good while to get around to doing a calibration. (Although it is a long weekend coming up…wink.gif)

Many thanks to the team at Theta and to Craig of VGI for working to my schedule - it required a very quick turnaround.


And thanks to the alligator for missing you while you were fishing in Florida, too!

stevekale's Avatar stevekale 02:17 PM 04-29-2014
eek.gif don't remind me - it was very nearly my last ever Sunday!
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