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Here are the poll results across the 7 AVS video display forums. A caveat--there were flaws in this poll. For instance, for some it was not clear what “content†meant. Also the total number of responses were relatively small, especially on certain forums, and individuals could vote on more than one forum. And the different postings on the different forums may have biased the voting on those forums. So the results probably should not be seen as anything more than trends, at best. But to me, seeing where I fit in among the different display forums will help me make my next purchase. More on that in a moment.

While there are overall distinctions between the different display forum voters, as with all statistical information, the poll says little about any specific individual’s characteristics and certainly this poll says nothing about the quality of one type of device over another.

All Forums
Content 98 43%
Picture 48 21%
Sound 11 5%
I'm Complex 71 31% Content+I’m complex= 74%
Total: 228 votes 100%

Overall, it looks like the great majority of voters choose DVDs for content or by some complex combination of content, picture and sound. Only about 1/5 of voters choose their DVDs on the basis of picture quality alone and only 5% choose their DVDs just for sound quality.

CRT Projectors
Content 24 41.38%
Picture 17 29.31%
Sound 1 1.72%
I'm Complex 16 27.59% Content+I’m complex= 68.97
Total: 58 votes 100%

The CRT Projector forum had the second highest percentage of votes for picture quality behind Direct View (38%), none of the other forums had higher than 20%. There could be a number of reasons for this result but it’s interesting to note that direct view displays and crt projectors are traditionally considered by many to have the best overall pictures in their size classes. The CRT Projector forum also had the lowest percentage of votes for sound quality.

Digital Hi-End Projectors - $5000 USD MSRP and Up
Content 22 39.29%
Picture 11 19.64%
Sound 2 3.57%
I'm complex 21 37.50% Content+I’m complex= 76.79%
Total: 56 votes 100%

The Digital Hi-End Projectors - $5k and Up forum together with the Plasma and LCD Flat Panel Displays forum shows the highest percentage of voters who see themselves as complex.

Digital Projectors - Under $5000 USD MSRP
Content 16 42.11%
Picture 6 15.79%
Sound 4 10.53%
I'm complex 12 31.58% Content+I’m complex= 73.69%
Total: 38 votes 100%

The Digital Projectors - under $5k forum percentages fall pretty much in the center of the spread.

Ultra Hi-End HT Gear ($20,000+)
Content 4 50.00%
Picture 1 12.50%
Sound 1 12.50%
I'm complex 2 25.00% Content+I’m complex= 75%
Total: 8 votes 100%

The Ultra Hi-End forum shows the second highest percentage of votes for choosing DVDs solely for content after Rear Projection forum (62%).

Plasma and LCD Flat Panel Displays
Content 17 43.59%
Picture 6 15.38%
Sound 1 2.56%
I'm Complex 15 38.46% Content+I’m complex= 82.05%
Total: 39 votes 100%

The Plasma and LCD Flat Panel forum shares with the Digital Hi-End Projector forum the highest percentage of voters who consider themselves complex.

Rear Projection Units
Content 13 61.90%
Picture 4 19.05%
Sound 1 4.76%
I'm complex 3 14.29% Content+I’m complex= 76.19%
Total: 21 votes 100%

The Rear Projection forum shows the highest percentage of votes for choosing DVDs solely for content and it was a solid majority. They know what they want.

Direct View (single tube based) Displays
Content 2 25.00%
Picture 3 37.50%
Sound 1 12.50%
I'm complex 2 25.00% Content+I’m complex= 50%
Total: 8 votes 100%

Here lies the highest percentage of votes for choosing DVDs on the basis of picture quality.

I’m sure I’ve missed something, but it’s late and I haven’t crunched so many numbers since I did taxes.

I’ll say a few words about how the poll has helped me make some decisions about purchasing a display device. I’ve been lurking and picking up information for the past year, mostly on the Flat Panel Display forum. This forum showed the highest percentage of voters seeing themselves as complex and, coincidentally, I consider myself complex. But there was an equally high percentage of voters seeing themselves as complex on the Digital Hi-End Projector forum. Perhaps I also share similar tastes with those folks too. I think it’s worth looking into and I’m going to follow that lead, especially since I had been considering projection before the poll- recently plasmas have been looking kind of small to me and we mostly watch DVDs.

Let me pose a final question to those who know more about the different display devices than I do: Just why might these two forums share the highest percentage of voters who consider themselves complex? I can offer a subjective answer. To me, these two devices seem developmentally very exciting right now--where the action is, where we know least about what to expect.

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