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If anyone still responds to thi sthread .... After a few weeks, I'm seriously torn. I know I should like the Ascend Sierra's but "I'm not loving them". I bought them (L/R/C Sierra 1 with NRT Upgrade + Rythmik 12 Servo Sub).

They live up to every review I've read. The soundstage is huge and would be fine without a subwoofer but I continuously feel that something is missing (musically) - (HT) TV & Movies are epic. I've tried an older Denon AVR 2016 and Sunfire TG-3 and am wondering if it's those that are to blame. I'm using "top of the line" Yamaha 3-way's in the ceiling as surrounds which could also be the issue ...

My room can equally be the issue (tile floors, glass doors on one side, open to the dining room, etc) ... With that said might a more directional speaker like the Mcintosh be a better choice than something with such a wide dispersion like the Ascends?

Honestly, the Ascends feel as if they are better made and dare I say better engineered than the Macs. With that said, I want to give them a chance to shine ... how do I do that? Or, should I just keep the Rhythmik Sub and build everything around the Mcintosh XR50's (buy a matching center (LCR-80) + vintage combination of Mcintosh gear? If I were to do the later I'd have $3K for power + processing ...

Again, HT the Ascends are awesome!
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LOL...kinda of hard to help you here...
You say "something's missing (musically)" but,
If you can't pin point what's missing yourself,
Then how do we help??? Especially if HT is "epic"!

I will throw out a few things...

You don't say what your music sources are?
How are they being delivered thru your system?

Dude...sounds like your room is an acoustic in Reflection City!

I've learned here that the 2 biggest factors in what
We hear are..
1) the speakers
2) the room they are placed in and how the
Speakers react with that room.

Everything else is relatively minor.
Expensive electronics are not going to cure a bad room.
A superior room correction program might help. (Audyssey?)

You probably need to find out what is going on in
Your room. There is a free computer program called
'REW' that can tell you a lot. People here can help
You analyze your results.

If you start changing speakers 'willy nilly' with out
Understanding what's going on in your room you could
Be in for an expensive and frustrating excercise in futility!

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In case it still matters, the only way to make those sound great is to put them in front of the home entertainment center spaced about 7 feet apart and with a little space... at leas a foot away from the wood. I was talking about the OPs system by the way
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Ancient History^^^
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