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ChicagoTC's Avatar ChicagoTC 09:18 PM 04-01-2008
Over the past few months both Nuance and Funkmonkey have posted legendary speaker audition quests. I added a bit to Funk's and that leads to this post. Being slightly neurotic I decided to create the attached word doc with every review done. Hopefully this will help others with a consolidated list of many speakers in the $1,000-$5,000 range

Nuance/Funk I apologize if I missed anything but I got burned out around pg 35

It's 8mbs zipped so I've hosted it offsite. Word doc

Speaker Reviews

Attachment is an html file, much smaller but no pictures.


Speaker 35.94921875k . file
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ChicagoTC's Avatar ChicagoTC 05:09 PM 04-04-2008
re-uploaded as the first one was corrupt somehow
deneb's Avatar deneb 05:17 PM 04-04-2008
Great idea! It might be cool to add other auditions, esp. covering many different budgets, and make it a sticky. We get so many 'what speakers should I get' threads, it would be cool to point them to a thread chock full of speaker auditions to get them started.
Nuance's Avatar Nuance 09:58 PM 04-04-2008
Very thoughtful of you, TC. Thanks pal!
Paladin165's Avatar Paladin165 12:48 AM 04-05-2008

Thanks for putting together this document, but when I started reading it I immediately noticed that it can be difficult to tell which quote refers to which speaker. For example, right under the Swan Diva 6.2 picture, you have this paragraph:

"Round two commenced and not even 3 minutes into it and I began to get squeamish and fidgety. The high frequency of this speaker was piercing and shrill. The midrange, though not as forward as the upper frequency, was still overpowering and very un-engaging. There was virtually no bass depth or punch. Needless to say this made it difficult to hear the separation of instruments, especially when a half dozen were playing at once. Voices sound thin and too in your face; there was nothing lush or captivating about it. Although the treble was so overpowering and forward, the speakers still lacked detail, especially subtle nuances. The soundstage was small; very easy to determine where the sound was coming from. When pushed to higher levels, they sounded thinner - worse. This speaker proved to be the worst rated speaker of the day."

But this paragraph is talking about the Acculine A3 not the Swans!

Maybe you could add lines to the document to give each speaker it's own section?
einsteinjb's Avatar einsteinjb 03:18 AM 04-05-2008
Wow TC, that's a lot of work! Excellent job, and thank you!

I just downloaded it and skimmed through it (I'll have more time to read it in detail later) and while changing the text font to Verdana size 10 throughout (I couldn't possibly read that tiny Times text), I noticed some paragraphs seem to be out of place. For example one paragraph starting with "Round two commenced and not even 3 minutes into it and I began to get squeamish and fidgety." actually appears under the Swan 6.2, but appears to relate to the Acculine A3 which follows. Similarly the last couple of paragraphs under the Acculines appear to go with the next speaker, the Onix Rocket 850s. Was this intentional or is my copy messed up somehow?

Thanks again, excellent material...
BWOJO's Avatar BWOJO 07:58 AM 04-05-2008
Very nice compilation. I'm on my own speakerquest right now and this will help immensely.
funkmonkey's Avatar funkmonkey 11:09 AM 04-05-2008
Great idea TC, nice job bud.
PAD's Avatar PAD 11:55 AM 04-05-2008
I am not able to download this. What is the secret to it?
Warpdrv's Avatar Warpdrv 11:58 AM 04-05-2008
I can download it just fine, but it gives a corrupted error upon extraction....
ChicagoTC's Avatar ChicagoTC 04:24 PM 04-05-2008
Try the bigger mediafile link. That is the full word doc. Something must be wrong with the zips. The small HTML file I did last night works for me, but when I zipped the word doc it wouldn't.


I'll look through it and see if I see the errors. Perhaps it could have been an issue with text moving with the font resizing.
Edit, I just looked at the reviews and it appears accurate. Below is the link to the speakers in question...
bahorn's Avatar bahorn 06:29 PM 07-03-2008
Whatever happened to ChicagoTC? He used to be a frequent poster in Nuance's speaker journey thread. I know he got a pair of Dali Helicon 400s fairly recently. So perhaps that is why he is laying low?

I thought I'd revive this thread since it has good data in it.
Veda's Avatar Veda 08:25 PM 07-03-2008
The file's corrupt... I'd very much like to see this since I'm interested in the Acculine A3 that's supposed to be a giant killer. Argh...
bahorn's Avatar bahorn 09:55 PM 07-03-2008
The file is large at 8 MB because of all of the photos. I had downloaded the Word file that ChicagoTC had created which I have now uploaded to another file sharing site. Try the following link.
Nuance's Avatar Nuance 07:11 AM 07-04-2008
Wow, I had totally forgotten about this thread.

Thanks for fixing the file, bahorn. Of course, remember, these are just two guy's reviews. They aren't factual nor as good as gold. But if they help you guys in any way - I will be very happy.

Maybe ChicagoTC is too engaged with his awesome Dali's to have time to post. If that's the case, more power to him!
nalthien's Avatar nalthien 07:44 AM 07-04-2008
Thanks, bahorn! This is going to be a very helpful resource for me!
Veda's Avatar Veda 03:46 AM 07-08-2008
Thanks man!
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