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Hi Guys,

A customer alerted me to this forum, just want to clarify the Usher Audio distributor question. I'm the owner of Katli Audio located in Chino Hills, CA in the greater Los Angeles area. I've been in audio business since 1988 and a duly appointed Usher Audio USA distributor since late 2013. I keep a good amount of their stock right here in California to service my dealers.

I was an Usher Audio dealer for quite a few years under Music Matters (later known as SCT distribution), then the usher Audio USA distributor. For some reason unknown to me, they disappeared some time in 2012. I could not get a hold of them to place orders.
After a year of lapse Usher factory asked if I want to take on the task to be their new USA distributor, so I did. My relationship with Usher factory dated more than 10 years. And in 2004 I paid a visited to their show room and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.

I'll be with the Usher show rooms at CES next week at the Venetian Hotel rm# 35-111 and 29-330. We'll showing the $37,800 Grand Tower at the suite (35-111), please drop by if you happen to be attending the show.

I'm open to sales and dealer inquiries.


Fred Kat
Katli Audio
Usher Audio USA Distributor
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I am still trying to access the Usher web page in Taiwan, but still no luck.
After almost a month of down time, this can't be a good sign.
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Usher BE-718 & Peachtree

I need a new amp for my BE-718 speakers. Has anyone had experience withe the Peachtree amps or integrateds? I am considering the 220SE.
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Originally Posted by bsandovalb View Post
Well.... Currently using the be616 as center channel with the be10.... Only for multichannel music, with an anthem a5 as power amp for sacd and blu rays (through oppo bdp105d)... Very nice center channel, not in the same league -as expected- as the be10, but really nice and has a timbre that matches the fronts.

For stereo music, still using the Viva Solista with the be10 (audioaero capitol mkii as source and dac)... When listening to the computer, i use a mac mini--bel canto reflink--audioaero as dac.... And it is fantastic!, perhaps due to the tube output of the audioaero music is very "analogue" meaning lots of air between instruments, lots of atmosphere when it is a good recording

Where are the usher people?? I love this brand!, but this thread is dead ....
Looking to purchase a pair of Ushers but cannot decide on what model. We listen to all types of music except rap. I've owned a lot of speakers but now looking for reference quality, not that I owned crappy speakers. We seem to like dynamic speakers but the mids have got to be great.

We listened to the Mini II's and liked them then heard the reference and it was an OMFG experience. But our outer most limit $ is BE10. And that's really a stretch. We like the 8871 II and the Mini X with the bass module that's now an X Tower L too.

Room size is 15ft wide and about 22ft long because it's open to the dining room. We sit however about 11.5ft from our current monitors which are about 6 ft into the room. I've always loved the sound of Usher. The bass will probably be controlled via DSP either by a Anti-Mode or the XMC-1 that we own. Oh and a miniDSP 4 x 10 just showed up.

I have a BMC -S1 amp and may purchase Usher amps to replace.

Can an Usher owner help me out. Please
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NoFlyZone-- Dragon Lady tamer here. Your information on your setup seems a bit confusing to me, but I will say that your system will only be as strong as your weakest link. If you upgrade to the highest tier of speakers, you will want to make sure the rest of your components can keep up or be willing to invest in upgrades elsewhere.

I have the mini 2's and am satisfied. They have the resolution and power handling that I am happy with. More is just not enough of an incentive to me. However, I have heard the monster Ushers too and can definitely say they have greater resolution than the mini 2's. The 8851 also has excellent bass. Depending on your room it may be enough. If you really want to make them sing you do not need a ton of power but it helps with control. I am pushing 120 wpc into my Mini 2's with no issues. These are tube watts.

Usher is a great value brand and I'd be more than willing to help out. If you are on the fence over particular speakers, identify what exactly you like about each. And is the "better" one worth the extra coin to you? After you are done analyzing them, ENJOY them. A speaker that has ultra resolution but no flow is pointless to me. ITS ABOUT THE MUSIC. not the equipment.and that extra coin could buy a LOT of records.....

None of this accounts for the WAF. I do not know if this is an issue for you.

Best of luck. We're here if you need us. And we expect to be invited to the break-in party.

I hope you have well-insulated walls!

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