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Hi everyone! I am calling all of you Scandyna owners!
I had looked and looked for reviews regarding the 5.1micro-pod system being distributed through home theater direct

But found hardly any I figured an $800 complete surround set for the bed room running for less than $300 after shipping coming from a reputable group out of Denmark where key designers were once part of B&W it would be worth the risk...

I have worked at best buy home theater and magnolia, I have built satellites and subs, and have a decent ear in home theater audio for it is my hobby; more so than video...I am no pro, but an average enthusiast that enjoys a good sound

The micro-pod set 87db(90Hz-25Khz) from my understanding is the close out model that is being replaced with their new line Micro Pod SE 86 db(65Hz-25kHz)

So with that said I did not know what to expect...

Well this is what came out of the box

( I am on a 56k connection and will upload speakers pictures tomorrow)

So powering it all is my yamaha RXV661 being ran through a PS3 with hdmi and directv HDVR22 via hdmi as well.

The music tested was through "pure" mode and 7ch stereo via xm radio
I will say that I had to turn the receiver to -1 to get the right amount of loudness, but then again this is in a decent sized din where we have a 61" LED sammy two JBL E100s, 3 JBL E50s, and a JBL EC35 coupled with a Klipsch 15"sub and AV123 xsub.....

Onto the XM was clear...very clear in pure and 7ch. However, Bass is no friend at all to these speakers...I felt very bad for the sub woofer as its 100watts had a very hard time from bottoming out. Really the room was just too big but these are not music speakers. They are not bright nor warm...if I were to chose they lean more to the brighter side of sound but no where near Klipsch Quintet. As for how do they compare against the Quintets? I prefer these guys HANDS DOWN! Price vs performance, you can not beat it.

However, these speakers handled jazz very well, except for cello rift every once in a while, pop music they were fine with vocals but did not fare too well with rock....Well I then unplugged the sub and calibrated them in tune with the klipsch. Night and day difference...these little guys were able to rock and roll and at the price I paid i had not heard anything of it.

Ok onto the Movies. All in Blu-ray MCPM,
First Nightmare before christmas intro theme: This is Halloween. I again used the sub that comes in the package. Much better it was able to handle the movie. The speakers again...VERY clear. Not crisp (as for me crisp is a word that gets a little to bright and i find to be too often negative) but clarity and presence, being able to depict where the sound is coming from but not where the speakers are located.

That was my biggest surprise, just being able to have the dispersion of such a small forward firing speaker fill the room and not being able to identify where the speaker was. My sister did not believe me it was just the 5 tiny satellites and actually got up and put her hand to one of the E100s in disbelief. Yes these little guys are GOOD!

Next I popped in 300. The roar of the spartans and falling of the arrows. All were detailed however the little guys did lack some substance in depth. Thats when I coupled them this time with the AV123 Xsub to find a better 3 dimension in sound.

I will have pics posted within the week.

These little guys surprised me greatly. I wasnt sure due to the box only being 25lbs, and the odd shape, and just how small they are as they fit in the palm of your hand...but all of that changed when I plugged them in and started listening. I was disappointed to see that they do not accept bigger than 16awg wire as I run only 12awg and the plug ins were not of the sturdiest nor were the Sputnik spikes made of anything more than a light plastic. But the sound clarity and enveloping of sound made these GREAT beginner home theater (college or small family) on a budget set or a GREAT bedroom home theater set (in my case). You also have to love the fact that not many will know of this speaker nor own it.
In comparisons to other sats.....Better than klipsch, not as low in the bass but sound dispersion and more precise clarity gets the nod. As compared to blose, again for the price you can not touch these little guys.
Compared to deftechs 60 series, now that is some competition but you are entering a new price point. They do not have the same amount of depth or bass but their clarity makes them a strong runner. The little sats that would get my nod over these guys would be the mirage nanosats (the new version) just due to their flexibility, appearance, and technology. But when it comes down to it, if you are in the market for a good 5.1 system or have an extra sub to couple up (the sub also does have an input for all 5 speakers if you are lacking an amp which is a nice feature) I would HIGHLY reccommend this route. They are not replacing large speakers, not $1000 systems but they are going to beat the crap out of htib or walmart daily special and anything in the $500range. :-D

PRICE: At $800 ** At $279 ***** You cant find a great set like this for this money
APPERANCE: Hate it or love it, but it matches my room and I love the options of mounting, using spike legs, or just setting it on a flat base. ****
Sound: Clarity **** 1/2
Bass: *
Sub: Bass ** (when coupled right and used in small bed room ***)
Construction ***
Final Overall Score **** Im sorry but at this price and choice of colors, THIS IS your budget home theater system you have been looking for!

PRICE, Size, Sound, Quality

Sub, Possible Appearance, Internet Purchase to Demo, Wire accepts 16awg

If you live in Ohio nearly Ripley, or Cincinnati, or Maysville KY PM me for a listening of my system if you want :-)
Pics should be up within a week.
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