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Cool New Mythos ST-L Owner chiming in

First off Hello to all of you. I see that this thread is slower than a lot of others but I just wanted to say I stumbled onto a deal of a lifetime (for me anyway) on a set of Brand new Mythos ST-L's. Basically got them for half of retail as the company I bought them from was switching over to Golden Ear. I was able to get these as well as an 8080-HD for basically half of retail.

A bit of a longer yarn, I was going to be picking up a set of BP-8040's and the 8080-HD but I was a little worried about them (the 8040's) in my room as they were going to be going beside a very large wall unit and I was a little concerned that the reflective sound-field would be cut off some. I also would not be able to have them very far from the back wall at all due to there being a pass way from the front entrance door to the house. If I had them out much at all the right speaker would be in the natural pathway into the house going in that direction. That and I have an almost entirely open main area in my house. The Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, hallways to the other rooms in the house are all in the same volume of space. I was getting a good deal on the 8040's. On my way up just on a whim I asked him to get with his management to see what the deal would be on the ST-L's not really thinking I would be able to get them.

Once I arrived the 8040's were all boxed up but he gave me the price on the ST-L's. Hmmm........................ Ok lets give them a listen. OMG on a 50 watt per channel Marantz amp and a higher end Marantz universal disk player(UD7007) and some Pink Floyd The Wall I was in a quandary. Twice I found myself saying no, no just go ahead and write me up for the 8040's and the 8080-HD. Then it occurred to me that the ST-L's are in aluminum housings, they will most likely last me a lifetime and they sounded stupendous, when was I going to get another deal like this. This was right at the same time I had just told the salesman the second time to just write me up for the 8040's. He said "are you sure" and I flatly said "No I am not, here is my card put the STL's on it. I figured I had a decent center channel and I could make do with it till I got around to getting the 8080-HD. The ST-L's had just been taken out of their boxes so we boxed them back up (Outstandingly packaged by the way double-boxed and 4 enormous densely foamed protectors around the speakers) and I took them home. I have a Yamaha RX-A3020 receiver which I have always liked but was not too sure how well the system would play together.

One of the first things I played was Pink Floyd The Wall (FLAC off of my QNAP server) as I had heard them in the store with the same music. I was quite simply stunned to have this level of sound in my own home. The next thing I played was Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" and the hair stood up on my arms and my neck. A day later I was showing my wife where I wanted to put the center when I get around to getting it and she said "You should just go and get it".

The perfectly clear audio that comes out of these speakers is simply staggering. Listening to FLAC files of the eagles, old Ray Charles (who knew the older tunes could sound so good), I could go on and on, they simply are breathtaking to me. The start of Tequila Sunrise with the guitar is the best I have ever heard it through these speakers it just sounds so real, then the bass kicks in and WOW, not over bearing, simply perfect with the rest of the sounds coming out. Female vocals leave me dumbstruck many times. Crank them up and they just get louder. This is a tower speaker that will find all sorts of things loose in your living area and I am talking at moderate to slightly spirited levels.

The CS8080-HD is quite simply the best center channel speaker I have ever heard with the exception of maybe the Paradigm C5 I heard many years ago. The clarity is phenomenal and so accurate. My old center channel was a Mirage Omni-CC which is really good but I had it on top of a large wall unit which meant it was firing into a 12 foot ceiling and not directly at the listening position.

I have these mated to a Definitive Technologies Super Cube Reference I bought many years ago to fit in a specific area in the condo we were living in at the time. It was never my intention to end up with so many Def-Tech products but I am really glad I did. I am extraordinarily happy to own these and to have been able to get them at the price i did was just really some good luck.

My Mythos ST-L's are the graphite color and I think they are incredibly beautiful. Extremely happy. Just wanted to let you guys know.

If it sounds and looks good, it sounds and looks good!!

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I'm thinking about ST-L now. Any recommendation where I can get these at a good price? I was looking at eBay but still hesitant. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by etn06448 View Post
I'm thinking about ST-L now. Any recommendation where I can get these at a good price? I was looking at eBay but still hesitant. Thanks.
bajawaverunner on ebay

Definitive Technology:Front Height - Mythos Gem XL
Front - Mythos ST, Center - Mythos 10 & 8
Side Surround - Gem XL
Back Surround - Gem XL
Sub - Supercube Ref & SVS SB13 Ultra
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