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Jive Turkey's Avatar Jive Turkey 01:58 PM 07-05-2002
Dunlavy SC-IV/A's for left and right
Dunlavy HRCC for center
Paradigm dipoles (ADP something, something) for side surrounds
Paradigm Atoms for rear surround

SVS 16-46 PCplus subwoofer to be auditioned when released in August.

See ya. Dave

R_Linssen's Avatar R_Linssen 03:10 PM 07-05-2002
Front: Eltax Millennium 300
Center: Eltax Millennium Center
Surround: Eltax Millennium 100
Sub: Cambridge Soundworks DTT2500 subwoofer (it sucks, I know..I'm upgrading it at the end of the summer)

I'm a student, so I can't spend thousands of €'s on speakers, and the Millenniums are good enough for me...I'm upgrading from a Desktop Theatre 5.1 and I only need a new receiver (I'm still using the DTT 'receiver' to drive the millenniums) and subwoofer to get a little closer to home theater heaven :)
Halder35's Avatar Halder35 03:42 PM 07-05-2002
Mains: Klipsch KLF-30's
Center: Klipsch KLF-C7
Rear: Klipsch KLF-10's
Amp: Parasound 2205AT
Subs: twin SVS 20-39 CS+/ Samson 1000 & 2 Velodyne SPL1200's

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