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where1's Avatar where1 01:57 PM 10-22-2001
Originally posted by where1
Todays speakers are:

Polk Audio
Mains: LS90
Center: CS400i
Surrounds: F/X 500i

Rear: Bose VCS10
Sub: Radio Shack (don't know model number) 12 inch downfiring, with 2 25watt Base Shakers

Upgrade sub to a yet unknown. (This will free up an amp for rear upgrade)
Upgrade rear to Polk Audio 35i's for 7.1 surround.

I use this system to listen to music about 10% of the time.

Help, I've fallen and can't reach my remote.
Upgraded to an SVS 16-46 CS subwoofer and this thing is amazing. I am also using my Event 20/20BAS nearfield monitors for rear surrounds in a 7.1 setup, but still want to get the 35i's.
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orbillius's Avatar orbillius 02:13 PM 10-22-2001
Klipsch Pro Media for computer

Martin Logan CLS for HT
Cain's Avatar Cain 07:38 PM 10-22-2001

This thread sprouted legs and started running .. again..


-- Cain
rchcah's Avatar rchcah 09:30 PM 10-22-2001
Mains- NHT2.5i
Center- Mirage OMC3
Rears- Klipsch ss.5
Sub- Aura Bass shakers in couch

Sounds great.
phyre3's Avatar phyre3 10:57 PM 10-22-2001
Diva 6.1's, Monsoon FPF 1000 and 1600's. Aura Baby Grand's, Monitor Audio.
Bryanmc's Avatar Bryanmc 02:53 PM 10-23-2001
PSB Image Series:

5T - Mains
9C - Center
2B - Rears
Subsonic 6 - sub

Very happy on limited budget.
rt297's Avatar rt297 04:09 PM 10-23-2001
Diva 6.1 Mains
Diva C3 Center
Diva 2.1 Surround
Velodyne CT150 Sub

Infinity Interlude IL40 Mains
Infinity Interlude IL30 Surrounds
Infinity Interludes IL36C Center
Velodyne CT150 Sub
dj1s's Avatar dj1s 05:06 PM 12-16-2001
2 Axiom M50Ti
2 Axiom M3Ti
1 Axiom VP-100
Pinnacle Digital Sub 350
Onkyo TX-DS595
barbinmike's Avatar barbinmike 06:35 PM 12-16-2001
we have:
bose system the baby black ones w/double speakers. I feel that we shouldn't even post this! Jez, everyone has some cool things.
Now next we look like a Sony ad
Sony dvd player matches TV
Sony wega TV
onkyo av rec.
Sony tivo
and the bose with some kind of subwoofer.
I read avs but husband installs :)
thanks again for this forum-its very cool and helps us a lot on how to set up things. REALLY came in handy when we first got our tivo..
happy holidays everyone!!:)
CaspianM's Avatar CaspianM 07:31 PM 12-16-2001

Mated with Sony 9000ES pre/amp
All Moster 1000 series interconnects and 2.4 speaker cables.
It simply rocks!
Zulu's Avatar Zulu 11:06 AM 12-17-2001
B&W N804 front L&R
B&W N805 rear L&R
B&W HTM1 centre
Velodyne HGS18 sub

Connected to Camelot Roundtable, Lexicon MC-1 and Rotel RMB1095
Jim Korns's Avatar Jim Korns 11:29 AM 12-17-2001
Aerial Acoustic 10T mains
Aerial Acoustic CC3 center
Aerial Acoustic SR3 surrounds
SVS 16-46 subwoofer
PSB Subsonic 3B subwoofer
Buttkicker 2 Tactile transducer
BizarroTerl's Avatar BizarroTerl 12:56 PM 12-17-2001
Used to be:
B&W Matrix II Series 2
Energy Veritas 2.0C
Energy e:xlR
Velodyne FSR18

Now its:
Diva swans 6.1, C3, 4.1
Velodyne FSR18

Oh yeah!:D
brunopc's Avatar brunopc 01:08 PM 12-17-2001
Paradigm Reference Studio 60s (main)
Studio CC (center)
Studio ADP (sides)
Studio 20s (rear)
Servo 15 (sub)
rminsk's Avatar rminsk 01:31 PM 12-17-2001
See signature. I listen to about 75% music and about 25% movies. I am not happy with the center channel. I'm looking for something that will match my mains.
H Kane's Avatar H Kane 02:54 PM 12-17-2001
Hey Cain.... Kane here!

Martin Logan all around.

Ascents - mains
Aerius i's - rears
Scripts - sides
Cinema - center (I have a Theater on order for a possible upgrade).
Paradigm Servo 15 sub - main LFE
M&K MarkII V75 - at the rear

Lexicon MC-1, Bryston 4B-ST and 9B-ST.

HT - 60%
Music - 40%

Very pleased with ML. Imaging is amazing! Dislikes....none.

Caspyr's Avatar Caspyr 03:07 PM 12-17-2001
Also Martin Logans all around

SL3's up front
Cinema Center
Aerius rears.

powered by McIntosh.......Love em.......
radubinsky's Avatar radubinsky 05:01 PM 12-17-2001
i am using B&W 600 series. i am very happy with their performance but i would like bipolar speakers for their spaciousness during movies. i have even considered wiring two pairs into 4 ohms

i would trade them for martin logans anyday. i just dread setup :(

90% movies / 10% music
Roy-BE's Avatar Roy-BE 05:37 PM 12-17-2001
Diva 6.1 Mains
Diva C3 Center
Diva R3 Surround
Diva 2.1 Surround Back
Infinity HPS 1000 Sub
AudioFileZ's Avatar AudioFileZ 06:38 PM 12-17-2001
Mains -Eminent Technology LFT-8's (Hafler 9505 bridged- 750watts to each speaker and it ain't overkill)
Center-Bohlender-Graebner 220DX(Hafler 9300 bridged- 450 watts/4ohm and it ain't either)
Rears- ESS AMT 1B's (Cinepro 600x2 - 300 watts to each)

These are all hybrid planars and they really match up well. The Bohlender-Graebner is a real gem, one of the best secrets in high-end performance centers without the outrageous price. I've bought them for as much as $700 and I call it a true bargain.

Wish I could afford a 500 watt tube monobloc for each of the Eminent Tech's mid/high ribbons! I told my wife it would save us money during the winter since the HT is in the basement-heat the whole house and sound great at the same time. Body language indicated I was SOL even if I could afford it.
marka29's Avatar marka29 08:33 PM 12-17-2001
Mains - LINN 5140's
Center - LINN 5120
Surrounds - LINN tukan's
SUB - Velodyne HGS15
gordf's Avatar gordf 09:40 PM 12-17-2001
Mains - JMLabs Electra 905
Centre - JMLabs Electra sr80(I think)
Side Surrounds - JM Labs Electra SR 30 (dipoles)
Rear Surrounds - Energy aC 300's

Sub- Energy EXls-12

Run by an EAD Ovation 8 and a B&K AV 5000 until EAD manufactures the PM 8000's.
With side surround amplification by Denon 2800.....

KBK do any of your speakers sound ok when (don't hit me) placed in a bookshelf????
JawjaBill's Avatar JawjaBill 05:58 AM 12-18-2001
Interlaced Viewing (family;) ) 5.1 Room:

Front: Def Tech 2006TL w/built in subs
Center: Def Tech C/L/R 2300 w/built in subs
Rear: BP2X

Progressive Viewing (basement;) ) 7.1 Room:

Front: Klipsch RCW3 inwall
Center: Klipsch RC3
Surround: Klipsch RCR3 inwall/ceiling
Back Surround: Klipsch RCW3 inwall
Sub: Pair of SVS CS Ultras

Fronts and center soon to be RCW5
and RC7 as soon as they arrive.
Ken Beck's Avatar Ken Beck 10:45 AM 12-18-2001
Fronts: Klipsch RF7
Center: Klipsch RC7
Side Surrounds: Klipsch RS7
Rear Surrounds: Bose AM-3 (satellites only)
Driven by Pioneer Elite VSX-49TX
HT / Music: 95 / 5

Replacing Rear Surrounds with Klipsch in-ceiling (RCW-5,7?) but probably not until after getting DVD-Audio. 49TX can output surround channel to both side and rear surround to simulate rear corner surround placement for 5.1 pre-ins. Tried this with quadraphonic source and the positional accuracy is very good even with my unmentionable rear surrounds, probably due to room matching feature of 49TX.
JoelO's Avatar JoelO 01:19 PM 12-18-2001
Main: Diva 2.1
Center: Diva C3
Surround: Diva 2.1
Sub: SVS 20-39 CS w/ Carver 2 ch. amp

NEVER FINISHED's Avatar NEVER FINISHED 01:20 PM 12-18-2001
Hi Guys, I thought I might add my small system to the pile.

Boston vr-30's Front and Rear
Boston Vr-12 Center
NHT subs Sw2's

Frontss are biwired w/ Audioquest and powered with a Parasound hca-2200?

Rears are powered with an old school BGW 200x2
Subs are poweed with another bgw 800x2 It can easily bottom out the NHT's
Center is a 2 parter I run the center out into a Parasound 75x2 and then into a nht amp for a center sub.

I love my system !
I would love to hear one of these stryke he-25 with my BGW amps.
Pride9's Avatar Pride9 01:31 PM 12-18-2001
My modest system is comprised of:

Fronts: Diva 6.1's (driven by Cinepro 12KSE amp)
Center: Diva C3
Surrounds : Diva R3's
Subs: Dual SV 20-39CS's with Samson S700 amp

The center and surrounds are driven by my Pionner Elite 27TX receiver for now.
Front speakers are biwired with DH-Labs wire. The rest I have IXOS in wall speaker wire.

Someday I hope to add two Thiel PowerPoints and a processor and another Cinepro amp for a 7.1 system. Maybe within a year, maybe in another life??

There are a lot of great systems here and as long as you enjoy yours, your're set.

TheLongshot's Avatar TheLongshot 03:10 PM 12-18-2001
We need more Vandys in this thread...

Fronts: Vandersteen 1Cs
Center: Vandersteen VCC-1
Surrounds: 30 year old Sansuis (I need to replace these after I move...)
Sub: JBL PB12

John Desmond's Avatar John Desmond 08:02 AM 12-19-2001
ACI Jaguars with Titan II subs. It don't get much better than this. This is strictly a two-channel system. Absolutely superb. Have been designing my HT for a while now, probably will start seriously in 2002.
joaquin's Avatar joaquin 11:22 AM 12-19-2001
Triad InRoom Gold LCR (2)
Triad InRoom Gold Center (1)
Triad InWall Gold Surrounds (4)
Triad InRoom Silver PowerSub
Triad InWall Silver(15) PowerSub
Triad InRoom Platinum PowerSub
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