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mobius5's Avatar mobius5 07:43 PM 06-08-2009
I'm taking advantage of being speaker-less to go ahead and put together my very first home-theater. I have a Panny 42" plasma, PS3, and will soon have an Onkyo 605. My budget for speakers and sub is $370.

The home theater's main uses will be gaming (about 3/6ths of the time), movies (2/6ths), and Music (1/6th). The TV's speakers will suffice for regular channel-surfing.

I've done quite a bit of research, have come up with a few potential set-ups, and wanted to see if anyone had good reasons for leaning towards one over the others.

1. The Speaker Company, TSBLA-HT 5.1 ($360)
- TSBL 6.5" bookshelves as mains
- TC2 Center
- TSB 5.25" as surrounds
- ASW10, 10" 100 watt sub

2. Fluance, SXHTB+ 5.1 with extra center for 6.1 ($370)
- floorstanding mains
- packaged center moved to rear
- AVSC center channel as front center
- bookshelf surrounds

The SXHTB's default center isn't well liked, so I think adding the improved center makes it a viable option. The problem then is finding a sub. I live in an apartment and the Fluance towers are pretty bassy from what I've read, so I might be able to do without a proper sub for a while.

3. Energy, Take Classic 5.1 and tSc ASW8 sub ($300)

(I'm cursing my timing on this one. Energy was getting cleared out left and right only a month or two ago)

4. Energy, C-50 5.1 ($350)
- C-50 for mains and rears
- C-C50 center
- tSc ASW8 sub

Personally I'm leaning towards the first two. I feel like I can get a significant boost in sound quality over the Take Classic satellites or the C-50s with tSc's big bookshelves or fluance's floorstanders, for not much more money. Then the question is, how to decide between those two?

Thanks guys, I look forward to not having to wrack my brain over the decision!

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