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Filby1's Avatar Filby1 02:22 PM 07-16-2009
well i have been looking at thr B&W 685, then changed and went onto the Monitor Audio RS1, and then the Rega RS1.

I was looking at speakers that must be Rated at 6-8 Ohms, my AVR only runs at either 8 or 6 ohms not 4 Ohms

The Pioneer 1018AH AVR which on paper spits out 140wpc all ch driven, im sure its less than that.

But anyways now im both barrels behind the Epos M12I bookshelf speakers and the matching center.

If anybody has them get them posted, i would really like to see them in the real world not a glossy mag or sales pic. Any comenst oh how they sound would be great too

gchanjam's Avatar gchanjam 06:50 PM 07-16-2009
I borrowed a pair of the M12i's in the dark cherry finish for a while from a local dealer. I don't have pictures but they are actually quite nice looking and wouldn't mind owning them but not quite as nice as the PSB Imagine B's and Quad 12L2's I also borrowed.

Sonically, they are quite analytical with a very tight sound. If you like a lot of warmth and romantic qualities, these are not the speakers for you. The tweeter can get a little bright if you push them too hard but overall a pretty good speaker. I didn't end up with them but I wouldn't have been too upset to have them on my desk.
Filby1's Avatar Filby1 01:47 AM 07-17-2009
Its very hard to get PSB in the Uk, and the quads, well they got really good reviews but i was unable to find one that did not complain about the very bright and harsh Highs.

Im am also really stuck as to what to use as surrounds in my system given that my AVR only runs at 6-8 Ohms and the smaller M5 Epos are 4 Ohms and the M12I are very big and i have little or no spave for a big set of rear surround speakers
Benjitb's Avatar Benjitb 06:19 PM 03-06-2014

Hi all on a very old and non-active thread. Anyone have any thoughts on the Epos M8 centre speaker, if i pair it with some 2.0 setup Monitor Audio BX2's?

Would apprechiate it.

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