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Originally Posted by coolgeek View Post
Makes sense...

But there is something else I am missing here...

If all of these were 100% true, then 2 speakers, each designed with different sized drivers and have a flat measurement for a certain frequency range should sound exactly the same (with the exact same feeling of mid bass impact), correct?

I have tested, AB comparison wise with LCR Slanted 8s and my 212s... Now, everyone here thinks the old 212s (especially the sealed version which I use) has a dip in the mid bass region.. so, according to this logic, my s8s should have MORE mid bass bang correct if i drive them to a 'certain' volume that both speakers can handle?

I can tell you, as great as the s8s sound, the mid bass even at low volume just can't compare to the 212s... (I am coupling it with the OS, both crossed at 80hz).. basically at every volume, the S8s would lose to the 212s... even at whisper low volumes... you feel that 'bang' that the 212s give out that the S8s don't...

So, again, unless I am missing something here,...

Yes, exactly... thus, why i hate fan noise... even the slightest noise can be heard very loudly in my room...
Dispersion, distortion, and phase (group delay) can be major factors.

S8s and 212s have very different dispersion characteristics, although I doubt that's the issue at 80hz.

It could be phase issue, if the S8 is out of phase with your sub(s) at that frequency.

You might be running out of output at that frequency, and maybe the s8s are starting to compress.

It's also possible that the 212s have some sort of distortion at that frequency that is producing a fuller sound. For example, ringing or port noise.

There was a big thread about how everyone loved ported mid-bass-monitors. It's hard to guess, but that could be output capability, ringing, or port noise, or some combination thereof.

Another possibility is that differing room placement or phase gave different results.

Whatever the underlying reason, I got the best results in my room by crossing my older 212s at 100hz and fine tuning the response curve in Dirac. This didn't cause any localization issues with my sealed subs, although crossing above 80hz did have did have distracting localization issues with some ported subs I tried (probably port noise).

I also found that simply tuning sub gain and crossover frequency was completely inadequate for dialing in a good bass response curve. That stuff varies so much from room to room, it's a lottery what speakers will happen to have the right natural response. I don't think there's much motivation to obsess over natural response, though, now that we have such good EQ options available.
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