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Originally Posted by popalock View Post
True. My electromagnetic flux would distort your $hit bro...

I would pause the party and try to tweak just to get it sounding better to my ears. Otherwise, I it would literally drive me nuts the entire movie. For some reason random little stuff like that makes my blood boil, but if something big was to go wrong, it wouldn't bug me as much... Kinda weird, I know.

Maybe I just need to drink more...
Yep, the margaritas were the salve that kept me from diving into the problem. Well, that and that fact that I had already seen the movie 3 times.

Originally Posted by Reefdvr27 View Post
I agree. We all gathered Sunday night for the AMZSPM2 and I stopped it 10 minutes into it and level matched the LCR as the dialog in the center was killing me. I was getting some dirty looks from the crowd because of the pink noise, but had to be done. Of course I fell asleep 10 minutes later, but it sounded much better for that 10 minutes.
Yes, those damn HT chairs put me to sleep even when the movie doesn't.
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"Well, la di fricken da."!
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RMAF 2014 - A little background: Last year I contacted JRiver Media Center and offered to host a room at RMAF 2014. They were interested and said to go for it. Of course a room needs speakers. I contacted Jeff and he was interested in bringing a new speaker design he was working on. As we now know, that turned out to be the 215RT. The rest of the equipment/gear is all stuff that I'm bringing.

I've got the following so far:
  • Amps: 3 Digital Amp Company Cherry Monoblocks and 1 Cherry Jr. stereo amp for a total of 5 channels
  • Power: Torus RM 2.5 Power Isolation Unit
  • DAC: Lynx Aurora 16 Thunderbolt
  • Source: HTPC - I'm building a new Windows one with a motherboard that supports Thunderbolt, Linux NUC
  • Control: Ipad, Android Phone, iPhone, tablet, laptop, and keyboard
  • Monitor: 27" LCD
  • GIK Acoustics Room Treatments: two Tri-Traps, two 244 bass traps, two 242 acoustic panels

I also want a MacBook with Thunderbolt port.

The complaint I see most often about rooms at shows is that the acoustics are terrible and no treatments are being used. I hope this room can be treated to let Jeff's speakers sound the best. I may be able to borrow some more GIK Tri-Traps (4) and diffusors (2) from a local friend. Chris Seymour/Seymour AV has offered an AT screen, but then I need to get a projector. The AT screen would fit between the mains, but cover the center speaker.

How would you setup the room?
Anyone want to design a flyer and banner for the JTR Speakers 215RT?

JTR Speakers will be just down the hall from Wilson Speakers and GR Research.

Here is the room size:
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Originally Posted by jbrown15 View Post
I know this isn't an exact science but bare with me here, but take a look at the data-bass measurements on the latest PSA XS15se sub. It basically uses the same driver as a SubM HP and puts up pretty good numbers, but is only powered by a 550watt amp. So if we were to by theory double the wattage to 1100watt that would add +3dB and if you were to say add a second driver also with 1100watts you'd gain about +6dB for a total of +9dB. Which would roughly have the same output as the 2400watt SubM HP. So take a look at the numbers of the XS15se and compare them to the UXL-18 and it's down about 9-10dB's compared to the UXL.

So I would have to think an UXL-18 would be very close in output to the SubM HP, but again that's just a shot in the

What theeeeee heck?

Are we playing 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon?
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