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Got an email back from jeff

he says I don't have enough money for him to caulk my blowhole. Im wondering if he misunderstood me
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Originally Posted by Reefdvr27 View Post
I still love this video, he might try Rob.

Blow hole LOL

Caulk is the new duct tape [emoji1]

I want my 5 minutes back Reef!
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Originally Posted by dgage View Post
Actually, let me step back. I first noticed the difference at Coach's house that I thought they sounded different. I went home and fired up the 212s and thought, wow, I really like the 212 upper end a hell of a lot more than the 215. I mentioned that to Coach and he said they do sound different than he remembered and this was the first time he started to doubt getting the 215s. Then I brought the 212 over and by that time he had the Cat12s to audition so we were able to hear all 3 of them back to back. The Cat12 and 212 were pretty close on the upper end with the 215 much more laid back (almost veiled). The 212 was a little more detailed in music than the Cat12 but I haven't heard any music on the Cat12 since they were professionally calibrated. When comparing the midbass of the 3, the midbass of the 212 SEALED was not even in the same league as the other 2, even when crossed at the same 80 Hz. That was even more glaring than the difference of the 215 top end compared to the 212. This is all without EQ.
Originally Posted by RMK! View Post
You are just one of those very fortunate "golden ear" individuals that can hear the slightest tonal differences. With your canine grade hearing these tiny differences seem significant. We mortals simply stand in your shadow.
I believe a lot of 'vastly differences' in perception, especially when comparing 2 speakers between different people can be explained by each hearing acuity..

For instance, some people thinks there's not much difference between the S8s and the 212s when playing movies. To me and many others, it's literally light and day difference.

By brother couldn't tell the difference between my 212s and his $100 Pro Speakers he got from the street. To me, his speakers sounds really harsh, exactly like the ones they used in discos. (In his case, he's worked in clubs most of his life and his hearing loss is probably significant)... and people who likes listening to music above reference all their life could also be suffering similar hearing loss.

The problem with hearing loss is that 'to you', or 'to the person involved', their hearing is 100%... it's only when comparing in relative to someone else that you know your hearing isn't as good.

Anyways, that's why I take speaker comparisons and reviews with a grain of salt.. I also categorize the reviewers into categories of people who i know have 'hearing loss' if they say speakers A and B sounds almost the same when there's a huge gap between them...
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Anyone use ICEpower amps on the JTR? Good or bad? I'm just a little worried about potential hiss which someone has with wyred4sound amp. << Is the price OK? << cheap but OK?
Crown Comtech CT475 or CT875. 110dB SNR, 25dB voltage gain. << Seems like the best?

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Originally Posted by Skylinestar View Post
Anyone use ICEpower amps on the JTR? Good or bad? I'm just a little worried about potential hiss which someone has with wyred4sound amp. << Is the price OK?

I know that N8DOGG and RMK have both used Wyred4S amps, well I know Rob did. Maybe Nate used the D-sonic, either way both have stated that they worked great for them. And I have got a quote from that seller before, he use to list on but I haven't seen him list his amps for a while. I was going to get one actually before I bought my Sherbourn PA 7-350.

It also looks like he's raised his prices from what I remember.

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