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madsigner's Avatar madsigner 02:57 PM 07-28-2009
I'm looking to build my first home audio set up, planning to start out with a 2.0 system powered by a pioneer 919. The room for the speakers is about 18x18 with one wall brick and relatively low ceilings. I will primarily be using the system for blu rays, tv, and some gaming.

I'm looking for some feedback on the Klipsch RF-52 vs the Polk TSi 400. Any help is appreciated.

08op's Avatar 08op 10:18 PM 07-28-2009
i have tsi400s for front and cs10 center, i personally like them although they sound a little "duller" than my old paradigm titan bookshelves. still im happy with them good smooth highs, decent midbass, ok low end but i have a sub for the low-lows. driven by a yammy rxv465 avr. not as crazy a setup as many people here but works for me and didnt break the bank.
madsigner's Avatar madsigner 07:23 AM 07-29-2009
thanks for the input. ideally i will add a sub and center channel in the future. these 2 speakers are both in the same price range and i'm having a tough time deciding. i havent been able to audition either speaker, only the tsi300 and a lower end klipsch.
gunsmoker's Avatar gunsmoker 11:10 AM 08-06-2009
I have Pio VSX-1019ah, TSI400s for the front, TSI300 for the surround and CS10 for center. I was hoping to retire my Sony DAV-FC9 system with this setup without a subwoofer, but I ended up reusing the Sony sub. The Polks are great, but you need a sub. If you notice, the 34Hz low end is not specified at -3db, they rated 44Hz at 3dB if I remember correctly. Very good speakers indeed. I don't have the space otherwise I would have bought the TSI500. My TV room is 15x16 feet with cathedral ceiling and they sound nice. However, I have bumped up manually the EQ of the 1019AH at the lows and the highs and my sub is setup to the PLUS mode to produce bass also from two channel sources as in CDs. You can see my posts in the 1019AH owner's thread.
cornhulio's Avatar cornhulio 11:58 AM 08-06-2009
Have you considered Energys or TSC?

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