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chrisv213's Avatar chrisv213 04:09 AM 05-07-2010
I just purchased a pair of unused Earthquake Saturns to use as my fronts, brought them home and realized that what I thought were speaker outs for adding additional tweeters or mids, were actually a sort of manually operated crossover. Three RCA type inputs, each for a different frequency, for highs and mids where you put, what a person at the company (I think he was in sales) called "shorted RCA plugs" to alter the tone of the highs and mids. If you dont have a plug in one of the three spots, no signal gets to the speaker. Ditto if you have more than one plug, the wrong kind, or a jumper from high to mid. Well all the research aside about what great speakers these were (are), I got them hooked up and they sound terrible. Very muddy and flat. I played around with the configuration and the settings on my receiver (Onkyo TX-SR705) and amps (Adcom GFA-535II, and AudioSource AMP One-A). It is better, but not good, much less what I expected. Does anyone have any experience with these speakers? Any tips? Also these are my first new (unused) speakers, and I know that there is a break in period, but speakers shouldnt sound like the cones are made of velveeta until they break in, should they? HELP, PLEASE!

AGuinn's Avatar AGuinn 08:29 AM 05-07-2010
You talked about the crossover jacks on the rear of the speakers, but never mentioned if you were using a shorted RCA plug, or if you had attempted to move the plug around to try to improve the sound.
chrisv213's Avatar chrisv213 09:33 AM 05-07-2010
I'm sorry. Yea, I made some of these "shorted RCA plugs" myself by cutting up some old ones I had laying around. If you dont have a plug in one of the three, you get no signal, so yea I moved them around and found what I thought was the best spot. It still is not even close to what I would have expected.
chrisv213's Avatar chrisv213 09:38 AM 05-07-2010
I am new to this forum (all forums actually), so I am wondering, is there an area where the is a tech savvy person available for Q & A specifically, or is this the best avenue to get help. I ask because I notice a lot of views, but only one reply. Thanks
chrisv213's Avatar chrisv213 11:51 PM 05-09-2010
Well I left the request for help hang out there for a couple of days, and also the query about being in the right place to ask for help, and I am no closer to having either one of my questions answered. Kind of a discouraging debut post, I gotta tell ya. not sure where to turn now, so if anyone even looks at threads this far down, any advice on either topic would be greatly appreciated.
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