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Originally Posted by teiro View Post
The treble “opened up”, it became louder and more detailed. I did not hear an improvement I the bass department.
There maybe a reason or two to the supposed improvement you are hearing, unfortunately, they have nothing to do with bi-wire

Reason 1 - Your speakers are indeed playing louder than before with the same dB setting from your receiver because YOU ARE ESSENTIALLY USING THICKER WIRES WHEN YOU BI-WIRE AND RESULT IN LOWER RESISTANCE HENCE THE SPEAKERS NOW PLAYS LOUDER

Reason 2 - The original jumper or bridge used on those B&W speakers are bad quality and what you are hearing the improvement is simply remove the subpar terminal links and you would have achieve the same by using a small piece of the speaker wire to replace the links

I think you are confused between louder/more detailed to improvement as if you turn the volume up, by nature you will hear more detail
it is not an improvement, it is just our ears prefer louder spl and perceive it as improvement

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GIEGAR, Bill Fitzmaurice and justthinking,

Thanks for the replies.

I wondered why the B&W 685 S2 manual states (page 7) that "Bi-wiring can improve the resolution of low-level detail."

After the initial assessment, and later doing lots of blind AB tests with different people, I tend to agree that double bi-wiring had a negligible (or zero) effect on sound.
I guess bias originally made me excited and then luck made me get it right on most of the initials blind AB tests I made.
But now, after dozens of blind AB tests with different people (including me), I think that the differences supposedly perceived where pure chance like flipping a coin.
Will leave it bi-wired by now, anyways…
P.S. My amp is a HK 3490 and not a HK 4090 like I posted.

Originally Posted by GIEGAR View Post
Yep, that is a classic result of a perceptual bias, in particular confirmation bias. It's a completely subconscious effect and cannot be switched off by being sceptical. We are all subject to it and the effects can be very real. The only way to defeat it is to control bias, whereby the one and only means the listener has of telling the choices apart is the audio. When bias is controlled, the former "noticeable improvements" and differences invariably vanish.

Can you accommodate a 12" sub as a minimum? What's your approximate total open room volume? What sort of levels do you prefer to listen at?

The article is just what I'd expect from a company that mainly sells products claiming to solve problems that don't exist. I got this far and then gave up:
That ^ is pure nonsense from top to bottom. If the article is based on that fictitious pretext, it's not a good article at all I'm afraid.

Are you associated with Audioquest in any way?

Happy to help out with the sub(s) in any case...
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Originally Posted by teiro View Post
I wondered why the B&W 685 S2 manual states (page 7) that "Bi-wiring can improve the resolution of low-level detail."
For the same reason why they put bi-wire posts on their speakers: to placate the believers. Note that they hedge their bets by not stating "Bi-wiring will improve the resolution of low-level detail."

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