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dukajoe's Avatar dukajoe 07:35 AM 11-26-2010
Hello all,

I am new to the forum, although I have been reading your posts for many years.

I am about to purchase a new av and speaker system. I will move out the 78 mcintosh and go with a denon 2311ci (my old roomate use to have a 3807 or so, and we loved it).

So, with the speaker system and my price range, I think that I have narrowed it down to the HSU enthusiast 2 package and the BIC pl-76 package with pl 66 in the back (and the sub of course). The HSU package comes with 4 HB-1 MK2, the HC-1, and the vtf-2 mk3 sub (folks seem to love these subs). The BIC is 999 and the hsu will be around 1250. I'm still considering the pl 89 bic package. The HSU is about at the top of my budjet.

My room pics below show my living room that is 14' x 20' x high. The previous owner of the house had some speakers mounted where you see the cords coming out, and I would really like to utilize the holes that are already there. I was thinking that, in the case of something like the HSU package, I would just mount the surrounds to the back wall and angle them at 110 degrees and down towards the couch, like the setup they show at the dolby website. Of course, I am getting a new entertainment center / tv stand so I will have space for a center channel and receiver and so forth.

My first question is that given my room setup, if I go with the BIC, do I really have anywhere that I can put the rear dipole-esc surround speakers? If I mount them flat to the wall, pointing the horns towards my ears, would that work? The thing is, you can see by the kitchen and windows on the other side, that the sound really has nowhere to reflect, and so I would imagine that could be an issue.

In terms of sound, I am a big fan of multichannel audio. My Marantz sacd blew out a few years ago, but I want to get a new something as an excuse to once again use my favorite cord (below) :P. I love stuff like in "On the Run" on Dark side sacd, where you can hear the dude running, and it sounds like he is moving a back and forth half a foot around the right channel, and so precision and imaging is very important to me. I also like bass, but not too much bass, such that it is reproducing the sound how it was intended. This is also why I am leaning towards the pl 76 rather than the 89, although I know it is good to have the stereo bass, but I want the crisper mid-range and such.

Of course, I am into movies as well, and I am very excited about dolby/dts hd and so forth. I know I should go listen to them and what not, but I don't really know where I can find these and I trust all of your opinions. Given the above, would y'all recommend the hsu setup or the bic? For stuff like multichannel audio, is it bad to have two towers that could potentially overpower the rear surrounds, rather than being more equal? Thanks!

crazyrob425's Avatar crazyrob425 10:02 AM 11-26-2010
Since you seem to have a preference to music I would recommend the Bic Pl-76. More of a full range speakers. Though the HSU speakers aren't too bad in terms of music
shadyJ's Avatar shadyJ 10:26 AM 11-26-2010
In your room, I think I would lean toward the Hsu. The real advantage of the BICs are their output capability, but any of these speakers will get deafeningly loud with low distortion in that space. The Hsu's advantage is deeper, louder, and higher quality bass. If your room were bigger I think it would make sense to go with the BIC, but acoustically it looks like a tight space. Whatever you choose, one thing that will help the sound is some acoustic dampening behind the speakers and behind your couch. You will get some major sound reflectivity off these surfaces, and I think you will gain a big jump in sound quality if you do some acoustic absorption in those areas.
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 10:35 AM 11-26-2010
In 5.1 for movies - the surrounds should go to the sides. As shady J says,
you need some treatment in that room. Is Bic and HSU, the only 2 that you
want to look at?
dukajoe's Avatar dukajoe 11:55 AM 11-26-2010
Originally Posted by zieglj01 View Post

Is Bic and HSU, the only 2 that you
want to look at?

Well, that is narrowed down from quite a bit I suppose. I read more about other speakers such as svs, aperion, and so forth, but it seemed like these two were the most bang / fit into my price range. Plus, HSU has some sales going on for the next couple of days.

So, would it make sense to mount them to the wall where you see the cables and angle them down towards the couch? Should I use some dampening behind them on the wall if I do that?

Also, do you think I should go with the vtf 1 sub (enthusiast 1 package), given the size of the room?
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 12:18 PM 11-26-2010
Go to www.dolby.com and look at 5.1 speaker placement.
Go to www.dts.com and look at 5.1 speaker placement.
5.1 should have side surrounds - still do some treatment on the walls.
Call HSU and talk to them about the sub. For me - on surround music,
I prefer monopole (bookshelf) speakers. Think about moving that end
table, and move the chair closer to the couch and slide the couch
over a little more to the right. Good Luck!
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