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xmsauvex's Avatar xmsauvex 08:27 PM 02-06-2011
Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie in technology, and I think this question will be easy for some of you.

I just bought a new TV (Samsung UN55C6300) and don't have any sound system yet.

I was wondering if it was possible to plug my Bose SoundDock II to it so the sound of my TV comes out to the Bose SoundDock.

Also, If i have a PS3 connected to this TV, is it possible for the sound to come out to the soundDock also ?

Thanks for the answers!!!

Here is a link with the specs of my TV

xmsauvex's Avatar xmsauvex 11:07 PM 02-06-2011
xmsauvex's Avatar xmsauvex 06:16 PM 02-07-2011

Someone have an answer ????
TitaniumMan's Avatar TitaniumMan 10:33 PM 02-07-2011
Yes, you can connect your TV to your SoundDock II. According to the link, the Samsung has a stereo mini-jack output. According to Bose, the SoundDock II has a stereo mini-jack input for auxiliary sound devices. Sounds like a match to me!

A cable to try it out is only few dollars. Nothing's gonna blow up if you try it, so go for it. Because specifications sometimes change without notice, it might be best to locate the jacks on both products, just to be sure. Grab your owner's manuals and get busy.

Just in case others are in the same boat, please give us a report on success or failure.
the rick's Avatar the rick 01:01 AM 02-08-2011
when you plug it in, make sure that you set the tv speakers audio output to external and put the bose to the aux input.
xmsauvex's Avatar xmsauvex 07:31 AM 02-08-2011
Thank you for your answers!!!

I am receiving my TV on Saturday and will test this Out.
I will come back to tell you how it went!

Thanks again!
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