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This thread is old, but Salon vs Sig8? eek.gif

Not even remotely fair contest. biggrin.gif

Personally I would take Revel F52 over Sig8.

Salon2? Come on. Not even in the same sentence, paragraph, book, or library. biggrin.gif
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"On "PYT (Pretty Young Thing) from Michael Jackson's Thriller on SACD (Sony), the bass control that you can hear on the Paradigm S8 loudspeakers is nothing short of impressive. On "Human Nature" the level of resolution equaled that of the resolution that I enjoyed from my former Wilson WATT/Puppy 7s with $57,000 worth of Krell Evolution 900 mono amps in this same room. In comparison to the 86dB Revel Salon2 loudspeaker system powered by Mark Levinson's top of the line (at that time) No. 436 monoblocks, the musical effect was just not as energizing although it was equally as resolute. The Paradigms on more mainstream music can do more in terms of dynamics, resolution and emotional power than many I've heard over the years."

"Value is everything in today's marketplace and while some readers will scoff at the idea that $7,800 loudspeakers are considered to be a "value," the Paradigm Signature S8 v3 is just that. You could talk about the S8 versus other loudspeakers in the $4,000 to $10,000 price range but the Paradigms simply wipe the floor with nearly every player in that part of the market on most levels. I prefer to up the ante and compare them to the lofty likes of Revel, Magico, Wilson Audio and the big boys. While Paradigm's Reference Signature S8 may not come with the same panache, they do come with the sound and for many that is all that matters. If you have a taste for $30,000 loudspeakers but only have the budget to spend around $8,598, the Paradigm Signature S8 is possibly the best value in high-end loudspeakers period."

I guess its just a matter of personal
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We can compare anything to anything, I guess.

I have never heard a Pardigm speaker I liked and I have heard quite a great many ranging from the S8 to the in-walls at $599 ea. They're just not my thing. But, CLEARLY, they are lovely to the great many People that own them and enjoy them everyday.

The more I listen, setup, and demo, the more I am less enchanted with traditional dome speakers. The Martin Logan Montis is an absolutely lights out speaker when set up and powered properly. It goes for $10,000 a pair. The BG Radia FS-420 at $5,000 a pair is also a special speaker - but light on the bass, easilly corrected with subs. Bg Radia LA-600/800 in-walls rival speakers many many times their sticker price at around $10- $15,000 a set.

I just keep finding that as sources get better, the resolution and presentation out of PMD, Folded Motion, and Electrostatics are just undeniable.
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