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Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 01:14 PM 08-22-2013
Originally Posted by hatlesschimp View Post

Besides the imperial and metric thread type differences why do the min20/21s not go well?

Not sure I understand your question. Are you meaning with regards to the mount? If so, it's hard to angle them correctly in certain positions.

hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 01:35 PM 08-22-2013
I might buy 4 of the lights that are 1.5m tall and have a goose neck at the top that flexes. I can rip out the light fitting and shroud and the wires and run the wiring up the inside and some how attach the min21s. Only thing is the could move around from the speaker working. But would allow for full adjustable angles easily.

Like this
Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 01:52 PM 08-22-2013
Hmm......that may work.
ien2's Avatar ien2 02:03 PM 08-22-2013
If it helps you out, it's a standard M5 screw they use. So even if it's the wrong thread, as long as diameter is large enough it'll be fine since the speakers come with their own screw.

If you go with the lamps, just drill a hole through the goose neck with the correct sized drill bit and I would think you'd be set to go.
encendido5's Avatar encendido5 02:03 PM 08-22-2013
I hooked everything up last night and I must say, the Min11's are amazing. They're not even fully broken in, but I am extremely happy with them. I was watching Tron with the volume at around -12 and there was no distortion or background hiss.

I was also a bit worried the X200 would be too small for my room, but it definitely has some power to it.

I ran YPAO and it set the crossover at 80Hz though. I changed that to 160Hz based on the recommendations here, but I left all the other settings as they were.
ien2's Avatar ien2 02:08 PM 08-22-2013
I like a person who likes Tron smile.gif One of my all time favorites. Glad to hear you love the 11's.
Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 04:07 PM 08-22-2013
Who recommended 160? You can do 140 or 150 and be okay.
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 12:46 AM 08-23-2013
My Minx s325v2 & 351r AVR should arrive Monday now. The were a little late on the ordering process.mad.gif lol
encendido5's Avatar encendido5 06:17 AM 08-23-2013
Originally Posted by Perpendicular View Post

Who recommended 160? You can do 140 or 150 and be okay.

Hmm, I thought that's what I read. My receiver goes from 120 to 160 though so I can't do 140 unfortunately.
PCMusicGuy's Avatar PCMusicGuy 09:13 AM 08-23-2013
I was thinking about picking up a couple of Min 10 or Min 11 speakers to play with around the office to get a feel for them since I've never used or even heard a BMR driver. I'd be using a Behringer A500 for power and an Emotive Ultra 12 to fill in the bottom end. Current pricing I've seen is about a $45 difference each in the Min 10 vs the Min 11. I've tried to research a bit about the differences and I understand that the Min 11 has better power handling, excursion, a better response around the normal BMR 8k peak while using a magnet design that uses less neodymium material. Would it be worth the extra $100 dollars to experiment with the Min 11s over the Min 10s?
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 09:40 AM 08-23-2013
Apparently its night and day the difference between the 10/11 and same for 20/21.

Perpendicular has a few spare speakers that he might sell. Maybe send him a pm?
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 12:35 PM 08-23-2013
Just bought 2 pairs of these stands from this eBay seller.
Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 04:42 PM 08-29-2013

MacNThorens's Avatar MacNThorens 08:37 AM 08-31-2013
Very interesting, thanks for posting that Jeffrey. I would be very interested in those but I no longer want large speakers. I have that now with my Paradigm's and want to go smaller. I do see a huge market for those if they are performers!!!
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 12:25 PM 09-02-2013

Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 01:22 PM 09-02-2013
Interesting setup. None-the-less, how does it sound to your ears?
ien2's Avatar ien2 04:14 PM 09-02-2013
Heh, I just looked at you signature. That's some serious number crunching power you got there biggrin.gif.

I'm curious how you like them in that setup too.
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 06:34 AM 09-03-2013
The new desk arrived!

I guess I'm still breaking the system in but I'm happy so far.
jmbosch's Avatar jmbosch 06:11 AM 09-04-2013
Just got 5x min11's and i'm quite happy with them. Just need to add a subwoofer (probably x200 or x300) and buy a new receiver, looking at the denon avr-x1000. Just wondering if it possible to use the min21 as a center and turn the letters on it? Would look quite ugly having the speakers stand-up in the middle with the letters on them sidewards.
hatlesschimp's Avatar hatlesschimp 08:18 AM 09-04-2013
I got the local distributor to send me out a new horizontal grile for the center.

Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 12:17 PM 09-04-2013
Make sure when you get the center channel grille that it's the right one.

The image on the right is the grille for the Min 21. Otherwise, good luck with trying to snip out the plastic on the other one.
MacNThorens's Avatar MacNThorens 10:27 PM 09-04-2013
That's one benefit of getting the complete set s325. I believe that 1 speaker grille is for the horizontal center.
juajar's Avatar juajar 10:22 AM 09-12-2013
Hi Guys, Im setting up a 5.1 HT and loved the minx design (wife factor), I am thinking of getting either 5 min 10-11 or 3 Min 21's and 2 min 10-11 for the back... I can't afford the Camridge packages because they are way off my budget, so thats why I was thinking about replacing 11's with 10's, do you think I would be sacrificing too much if I do that? How about the difference between 5 Min 11's vs 3Min 21's and 2 Min 10's??

I still haven't found a sub but I was hoping for suggestions in the 200 dollar range for a sub that would be the best complement for the satellites...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I want good quality movies and music (50%-50%), room is around 200 square feet.
Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 11:02 AM 09-12-2013
You can do either/or but the updated models are designed to blend with a Subwoofer (x200, x300 & x500) better. What Subwoofer do you plan on using? The sweet point seems to be the CA x300. Also, you can mix and match the different models but I found that going with either Min 10/20 or Min 11/21 as a combination is best.
juajar's Avatar juajar 11:19 AM 09-12-2013
I was loooking at these on Amazon, but not shure I dad would be downgrading the whole system too much.

BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer -

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer -

JBL ES250PBK High-Performance 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer -
Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 11:31 AM 09-12-2013
I feel it is best to either purchase one of CA own Subs or getting something that is darn close like the Jamo. If you don't want to go that route, or want something bigger, I'd recommend a Sub that plays up to 150 Hz and beyond. Otherwise, you would be creating a gap between the satellites and Subwoofer. It is best to stay with one of the previously mentioned Cambridge Audio Subwoofers for the best blend.
juajar's Avatar juajar 11:59 AM 09-12-2013
Thanks... I love the Jamo but it'ss wayy overbudget.... any sub sugestions around 250?
Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 03:18 PM 09-14-2013
For those interested, the brand new "AERO" line is up on the Cambridge Audio Website. These look to be very good sounding loudspeakers. cool.gif
Using a BMR driver instead of a traditional tweeter gives the Aero series several key advantages – adding up to a radical difference in audio quality compared to its rivals. Remove your preconceptions of what a speaker can do and listen for yourself.

The Aero 6 offers a more immersive, natural sound than traditional floorstanding speakers. With traditional tweeters, the crossover between the tweeter and driver happens at about 3kHz, right at the point where our ears are most sensitive to any distortions or differences between the two sources. With a BMR driver, the crossover happens at 250Hz, far outside the most sensitive hearing frequencies. The result is fantastically clear, natural and coherent audio.

That's not the only advantage of BMR: the driver construction also delivers a more room-filling sound. This makes them ideal for modern homes and room layouts where speakers might not end up placed optimally for traditional stereo.

Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 03:42 PM 09-14-2013
I've created a new Thread dedicated to the "AERO" line. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will start to see owner Posts and reviews. cool.gif
encendido5's Avatar encendido5 09:12 AM 09-19-2013
Keep an eye out on amazon. I bought the s215 for $634 used like new from amazon warehouse deals.

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