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I just completed rewiring my basement and added two ceiling speakers for rear surrounds. I thought I would never be interested in expanding to 9 channels, but I wish I had researched beforehand, for I would have at least wired for it.

Just saw your last post - bummer. I would either do it myself (get a couple of six packs and ask for help) or break down and pay for it. Regret is a terrible thing, even for a moment.

With all due respect, anyone who argues that there is little appreciable difference between 2.1 and 5/7/9.1 in a home theater either:

1) has horrible equipment
2) has bad placement of equipment
3) is a troll

Carry on.
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Originally Posted by tibasnatch View Post

also should I have them insulate the ceiling in the basement? I like my movies quite loud and it will not be insulated unless i pay extra ($625) is it worth it? its a 2 story house and everyone will be sleeping upstairs on the 2nd floor

I think it depends.

For most sound transmission through the floor you're going to be fighting lower frequencies. I don't know that pink insulation (standard fluffy stuff) will be inert enough to stop that.

As a disclaimer, I did insulate virtually every interior wall in my house, every one of them. I did it to help deaden most sounds (didn't work as well as I wanted) and to also help (in theory) keep each room from becoming a hot/cold spot.

I'm not sure how well that worked either but hey... it was my arms that were itching and my finger tip that I slammed a staple through with the staple hammer

I think if you want to seprate the downstairs from the upstairs sonically, you might need more than insulation (I like it for the sake of helping to keep the warmth downstairs in the winter time)

Can you have them knock off "X" dollars and leave the room unfinished?

Could you build a false ceiling under your future drywall and put some deadening stuff between the two?

I'm by NO means an expert on this. I merely talked to a friend who knew a lot about it and have tried to make some notes for myself as a future reference.
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I live in a fairly well insulated three story house, with HT in the basement and bedrooms all the way upstairs. I still have to turn it down when people are sleeping because the bass finds its way upstairs. Those low frequencies are pretty hard to contain.
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Ok thanks ill leave the insulation alone..didnt want to spend $600 anyways....ill ask to see how much it will cost to run speaker wire before they drywall (prob alot) worst case scenario ill have to run wire behind trim pieces around room if that the case some wires may be 30-50 feet long is that going to hurt the sound?
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No, it won't hurt the sound having long runs. Just make sure you have a thick enough wire for the run. As far as your builder not letting you run wire it is total bs. Speaker wire is low voltage so there is absolutely no danger of fire from an electrical code standpoint. He's just trying to bully you into paying him to do it.

As far as acoustically isolating your space it is quite involved and requires a bit of an investment. You can go to the Home Theater and Room Construction part of this forum if you want some ideas on how to prevent sound transmission.

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