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AustralianGQ's Avatar AustralianGQ 08:57 PM 03-12-2012
I have two energy tower CF-50 speakers. i want to hook them up to my yamaha receiver. in the back of each speaker is 4 terminals. 2 red/2 black, for a total of 8 terminals.

im going to use 12 gauge speaker wire btw. in order to use my speakers properly do i need to connect a wire to each of the 8 terminals? if i do, do i connect a piece of wire to 8 different outlets in the back of my receiver? if so which ones?

the user manual wasnt as helpful as i thought it would be hence why im asking anyone who knows more about speaker set up. also id like to use banana plugs or spade lugs to connect the wiring to the speakers and receiver. the user manual recommended spade lugs, but for anyone with energy speakers, how do i connect the wiring to the terminals along with spade lugs.

jaymalya's Avatar jaymalya 09:16 PM 03-12-2012
The 4 terminals are for bi-wiring/bi-amping. There should be a jumper connecting the red terminals & another connecting the blacks. If you are not planning for bi-wire/bi-amping, you can connect to any one of the reds & any one of the blacks
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