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03-16-2012 | Posts: 1
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Heres an interesting one that ive googled quite a long time for no luck, finally decided after a couple years to register on AVSForum to try to get an answer from the pros.

My HTPC is hooked up to a basic Logitec 5.1 speaker system through 3x 3.5mm audio jacks from my 7.1 soundcard.

Is there anyway (on windows 7) to use my LCD TV which is connected via HDMI from my Nvidia video card to the TV as two extra speakers.

Doing so I'd like to use FFDShow to swap my FR and FL channels to Mid Right and Mid Left and then usemy TV's speakers as FR and FL.

Is this at all possible? I would much prefer to do it through HDMI for ease of cableing but could it be done by simply using the Front Surround 3.5mm jack on my soundcard into the 'PC Audio' jack on my TV?

Any suggestions?
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03-19-2012 | Posts: 2,518
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You may want to post this question over in the Home Theater PC area. Those guys deal with this type of thing all the time.

My guess is "yes" you can do that. Have you tried? It can't hurt to hook up an HDMI cable.

Good luck.

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Definitely ask in the HTPC forum, but my guess is the answer might be no for using the HDMI. I don't think Windows will let you output audio using two different audio hardware devices on your PC at the same time. Might be wrong, though. But the RCA to PC Audio jack method sounds like it should definitely work.
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03-19-2012 | Posts: 2,518
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Hummmm. I don't really know, but I know that Windows allows for dual video "out of the box". You've given me something to try tonight.

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03-19-2012 | Posts: 2,518
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Sorry to spam but I'm not sure the RCA to PC audio jack will work. It all depends on how your TV's inputs work and which one you are using to watch TV, DVD's, etc. As you switch the input on the TV, you may lose audio for that input.

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