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danielss8's Avatar danielss8 06:57 PM 03-16-2012
Has anyone got the Geneva XXL unit/speakers?
I have just ordered mine and was wondering if anyone has any feedback?

Djoel's Avatar Djoel 07:30 PM 03-16-2012
Never heard of them.............Please provide the proper linkage!
flyng_fool's Avatar flyng_fool 10:35 PM 03-16-2012
Jay1's Avatar Jay1 11:15 PM 03-16-2012

Dont know anything about it other then it kind of looks like HTiB speakers, and costs $6k....
flyng_fool's Avatar flyng_fool 05:38 AM 03-17-2012
Seems like while lot of money for what you are getting. I guess if space is at a premium you might need something like this. But then if you can afford this thing then I would think you could afford a bigger space too!