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austindub's Avatar austindub 08:23 PM 03-18-2012
Hey gang, I'm trying to find the power handling specs for the following Onix speakers -

RS550 mk2 mains
RSC100 mk2 center
RSS300 surrounds

The reason that I ask is that I am pulling the trigger on a set of seven Marantz MA6100 mono amps (125 watts RMS at 8 ohms).

I know that all the speakers should be fine when driven by a single amp, but I would like to bridge four of the amps to drive the two main speakers. I have seen specs for the bridged power of the MA500 amps which the MA6100s are supposedly a new version of, and it looks like those put out 360 watts RMS when bridged. Is this overkill for the RS550s? Should I just run a single amp for each speaker and then save the other two amps to run a DYI sub in the future?

These Marantz amps are going to replace the amplification in my Denon 3805. I'm hoping I get a noticeable difference in sound quality, but for $75 a pop, they might just be worth it for the "cool" factor. We'll see.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

austindub's Avatar austindub 11:51 PM 03-18-2012
Yup, I answered my own question. I still don't know what the power handling is on those Onix Rockets, but I know that these amps won't hurt anything.
brianlangevin's Avatar brianlangevin 08:50 AM 07-03-2012
According to a review in Home Theater Magazine (online) http://www.hometheater.com/content/onix-x-series-x-ls-speaker-system-glance-ratings

Speaker: x-ls
Type: Two-way, monitor
Tweeter (size in inches, type): 1, fabric dome
Woofer (size in inches, type): 6.5, treated paper cone (1)
Nominal Impedance (ohms): 8
Recommended Amp Power (watts): 20–200
Available Finishes: White Shadow Maple, Satin Black
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 13.5 x 8.5 x 12.13
Weight (pounds): 17
Price: $219/pair
ClarkeBar's Avatar ClarkeBar 09:03 AM 07-03-2012
Nice try but those aren't his Onix models. He has the RS line but he's good to go though.

Welcome to the forum.


Give them all they can take. You can never have enough. But 125W should be plenty if you want to use the extra amps for different purposes.
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